Friday’s Feature: Awakening the Dreamer Inside

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions - Rikka

Warning: The post this week is just a little bit of a ramble. It does get to a point but my apologies. There's a reason so many people love Rikka Takanashi as a character. It isn't just that she's a moe high school character with an eye patch and a cute parasol (making her perfect … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Awakening the Dreamer Inside

Create a Story Tag – Or Create A Week of Writer’s Block Tag

I mean, he throws me off the cliff, you kill him. Nice and easy. I'll admit it made the whole thought of going splat at the bottom a little better knowing that bastard would have been dead. And yet, instead of finishing him off, here you are, plummeting down the side of this bloody mountain. I'm not sure if I'm thrilled or pissed off with you right now.

Friday’s Feature: Problem Solver

When I wrote this piece originally it had been on my mind for awhile. The idea that  fiction is a fairly distorted way of experiencing reality. Not saying that's a bad thing, by distorting certain aspects of what is real other points can be more easily framed and foregrounded. Complex emotional ideas that usually get … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Problem Solver

All Our Yesterdays Book Review

Okay, my very first book review. This one has taken a lot of redrafting and I think it will be awhile before I take on another book. Overview: A time travel story told from the pint of view of Marina, a wealthy teenage girl, and Em, a hardened girl on a mission to change her … Continue reading All Our Yesterdays Book Review

Friday’s Feature: Fuuka – Fiction Filled with Faults

As many of you know, at episode 5 I decided to cut Fuuka from my watch list. It hadn't reached the bottom of my watch list and it wasn't even in the 'they made this' category meaning functionally the show works just fine and yet this is the first show that I've gotten any number … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Fuuka – Fiction Filled with Faults

Unique Blogger Award Nomination

I'd like to thank Weeabootaku for nominating me for this award (a fair while ago now but I'm only just getting around to it, sorry). The Rules Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you Answer the questions In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our … Continue reading Unique Blogger Award Nomination

Can Anime Stories Change Your World?

Narratives are a fundamentally important part of sharing the human experience. Anime is a particularly special medium where we get some truly amazing stories and experiences shared in novel ways. Here I muse about the nature of fiction and its value.