Hand Shakers Episode 7

Review: Eventually I will get over this meshing thing. No, I won't. And now apparently its contagious because other characters are saying it. Yikes. Anyway, there's pretty much nothing else worth talking about in this episode. Instead of developing the guy who might be god, the point of the fighting, what hand shakers are, or … Continue reading Hand Shakers Episode 7


Friday’s Feature: Anime Characters in Summer

Two days from Christmas and those of us in the land of Aus are dying from excessive waves of heat and humidity when we aren't having our roofs blown off by summer storms. Seems odd that I'm still reviewing the Autumn 2016 anime season while summer is in full swing but even odder that we're … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Anime Characters in Summer

Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 3

Review: Let's have a school festival and embrace all the clichés on the planet. Maid cafe. Check. No, a cosplay cafe. Check. Class doing a play. Check. Guy having to dress like a girl. Check. Hand holding freak out. Check. Sharing a meal freak out. Check. Haunted house freak out. Check. Girl getting unwanted attention … Continue reading Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 3

Days Episode 13

Review: There are times when you could almost forget that this is supposed to be a show about soccer. This week we get to go to a festival and then a study session and other than a little bit of running and conversation the sport fades well into the background. That said, at least we … Continue reading Days Episode 13