A Decade of Anime – 2019

The final year of the decade and the hardest decision yet, largely because I haven't really had the chance to rewatch most of the anime from 2019, nor do I get the benefit of looking back at the year from a distance. As a result, I'm sure some of my decisions here will change in a few years time when I look at which of these anime I actually want to watch again and which ones wear out their welcome.

A Decade of Anime – 2018

Here we are at 2018 and it honestly feels fairly recent. These anime have had less opportunities to be rewatched but I still have a great list of titles to choose from for my favourite from the year. Be sure to share your favourites.

A Decade of Anime – 2017

2017 wasn't quite the knock out year for big hitting anime that 2016 was (at least for the anime I tend to go for) but it did bring quite a few interesting and quirky titles that I had a lot of fun reminiscing over when making this list. Yes, this is 2017 and my favourite picks from the year but remember I'd love to hear your favourites so be sure to leave a comment.

A Decade of Anime – 2016

Here we are, the year that started the blog and had me watching more anime than ever before. Also the year with two of my favourite anime ever that both aired in the same season (yeah, I cheated on my own rules for 2016 but it was so worth it). Be sure to give a shout out to your favourite anime of the year that was 2016.

A Decade of Anime – 2015

We're finally past the halfway point of the decade and into 2015. Some of my favourite anime of all time come from this year with only 2016 topping in terms of anime I've rewatched to death so let's get into my picks from the year. That said, with so many great anime to choose from I'd love to know what your picks would have been.

A Decade of Anime – 2014

We've reached 2014 and it is another big hitting year for anime, though arguably not quite as dramatic as 2013. Still, there's plenty of excellent titles to choose from so I'd love to know what your favourites from the year were.

A Decade of Anime – 2013

Into 2013 we go and here we had a huge game changer make the scene. That said, there were plenty of quieter achievers worth remembering and so let's look at my favourite anime from each season. I'd love to know your favs for the year that was 2013.

A Decade of Anime – 2012

We're getting along in the decade now. Here we are at 2012 and this year was a tough one to decide which anime was the best from each season. Still, here we have my favourite anime from the year. Be sure to share yours in the comments.

A Decade of Anime – 2011

Yesterday we looked at the year that was 2010 and a great anime from each season of the year. Today our attention moves forward to 2011. Expect some great anime but also remember to share your favourite anime from the year.

A Decade of Anime – 2010

The decade that was 2010 - 2019 brought us some amazing anime. Actually, the best thing it did was bring access to current and older anime through legal streaming opening up the doors of anime to a whole new group of viewers. I'm looking at each year in the last decade and picking my favourites from each season. These may not be the technical best anime or the most popular (though they also might be in some cases) but they are the anime that if I had to pick any show from that season to watch again, it would be my first pick. I'd love to know your picks and recommendations from the decade that was. Today's post: 2010.