Blue Exorcist Episode 29

Review: After three episodes of mostly teen angst, we finally get back to the whole someone stealing the eye thing and of course it's the girl who got told one thing one time and decides it is an absolute regardless of evidence of lack of it. It's amazing how easy it is to convince yourself … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 29

Poco’s Udon World Episode 12

Review: We're sickly sweet right up until the very end but this show managed to stay on the adorable and heartwarming side (at least for me) rather than the nauseating overload of sweetness some of these shows go for. This final episode is the perfect resolution and it really feels like this show has done … Continue reading Poco’s Udon World Episode 12

Bloodivores Episode 5

Review: How do you even start with this? Why is the scar on Mi Liu's arm on his inner arm when his father clearly grabbed him the other way? And in case we forgot that minor detail from episode 1, let's have a flashback sequence to make it clear that the scar and the 'Sapphire' … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 5

Sweetness and Lightning Episode 1

Overview: Kohei is a widower who works as a teacher. He is struggling preparing meals and looking after his daughter but the two of them soldier on. Then they have a chance encounter with one of his students while viewing flowers. Review: For those who like their anime sweet, this first episode is for you. … Continue reading Sweetness and Lightning Episode 1