The Reasons Anime Fans Should Be Happy For Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Feature 2

I'm not cracking open the subbed or dubbed debate once again - let viewers watch what they will. However, there are 3 good reasons why all anime fans should be happy about the amount of dubbed anime available.

How Anime Fans Know They’ve Just Become An Isekai Protagonist

Isekai Feature

For hard-core anime fans this one is almost a no-brainer. We've seen hundreds of characters get summoned to, killed and reborn in, or just transported to fantasy worlds. We'd know right away if it had happened to us - wouldn't we? So what are your odds of becoming an isekai protagonist?

This Is The Anime You HAD To Watch

Watch Feature

Regardless of the anime you've seen, there's always something you've missed that someone else feels is pivotal to being an anime fan - of they just really want to share the love. Irina and I discuss the anime people have recommended and how those recommendations have gone.

The Reason Anime Fans Should Care About Banned Shows

Censorship Anime

Now I don't pretend to an expert on Russian law nor does a Russian court banning a few anime mean other countries will naturally follow along, however in a world where cancel culture continues to gain momentum, anime fans genuinely need to take an interest in anime censorship.

What Crunchyroll’s Most Popular Anime List Reveals About Fans

Crunchyroll reveal

On January 15 Crunchyroll unveiled the most popular anime on their service from around the world in 2020. While it was interesting looking at the colour coded maps, I started wondering what this information meant about the current generation of anime fan. So here are my thoughts on Crunchyroll's Most Popular Anime list.