Nuancing my Views on Fanservice

one piece 819 fanservice

Karandi has also addressed this issue - you should read her post here I have spoken of fanservice in general and my personal take on it several times on my blog. The short version is that I'm all for it. Generally, I'm prone to speaking in favour of fanservice even in instances when it doesn't … Continue reading Nuancing my Views on Fanservice

Amazing Stranger Review Episodes 5 + 6


Battle of the Female Figures Episode 5 As bizarre as it is to say, episode 5 was kind of fun. They kept going with the plot set up last episode where Haruto was drawn into Bellnoa’s game and the two of them travel about before taking on a castle. Some fairly standard things happen (or … Continue reading Amazing Stranger Review Episodes 5 + 6

Amazing Stranger Review Episodes 3 + 4


When sexy anime figures go to war? Episode 3 Okay, I’d be lying if I said this was a good episode. By itself it doesn’t do much with just two skits. The first being Bouida’s sister interviewing Nona and the second involving Bouida going out to Christmas dinner with an old friend and getting into … Continue reading Amazing Stranger Review Episodes 3 + 4

A Review of The Blog – 2018 – Part 2

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 8 Fireworks

Yes, it is time for fireworks and sleep deprivation as we get set to party into the new year. Just one final post to get out before we tick over into 2019 and that is a review of the blog for 2018. And of course that final post is split into two parts. You're welcome.

Is It Wrong To Expect a Hot Spring in a Dungeon – DanMachi OVA Review

DanMachi OVA

Now we all know DanMachi has never been afraid of fan service and so behold Hermes preparation of swimsuits for the girls to change into, including one too small for Hestia that eventually snaps while trying to dress and an 'improvised' version is constructed. I will point out that while lingering shots of the girls (and guys at times) and various camera angles are simply blatant pandering to fans, but the banter going on between the characters as they relax and unwind from their adventure is genuinely enjoyable.

Anime is Full Of Fan Service But Is Anime Doing Its Fans a Service?

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 2

This season I've been watching How Not To Summon a Demon Lord and The Master of Ragnarok. Both are essentially isekai stories and as normal they are both filled with fan service moments. And this is something that in individual episode reviews I definitely take a negative take on but this isn't actually condemning the existence of fan service itself but rather speaks of what I'm looking for in an episode.

Kaze no Stigma Series Review


Overview: Kaze no Stigma focusses on Kazuma Yagami who was previously expelled from the Kannagi family when he failed to develop any fire magic. He's returned to Japan after an absence and he's no longer the weakling a lot of the family took him for. Having become a contractor for the spirits of the wind, … Continue reading Kaze no Stigma Series Review

Fuuka Episode 4


Review: It's hard to really care about Fuuka and Yuu's romantic plight in this story (and we kind of need to given how little else is happening) when they manage to drag out the not speaking to each other/fighting for most of the episode because Yuu happens to have been seen with his childhood friend … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 4

Big Order Series Review


Big Order Overview: This anime has a very promising write up, telling us the story begins after the world has ended. A world where a fairy named Daisy grants wishes (or orders) to people and because of this there is conflict. We follow Eiji as he tries to live a normal life after causing a … Continue reading Big Order Series Review