Can Hu Li Actually Conquer Sky’s Terribly Twisted Challenge?

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Voice of Fox Episode 5 Reivew I'm a little torn here because I do genuinely feel for Hu Li. He needs money for his mother's hospital bills and he is clearly working hard having signed a contract that gives him almost no advantage other than the money to pay those bills. However, at the same time, I kind of feel a lot of his current troubles have been brought on by his own actions.

Voice of Fox Episode 4: Is Hu Li Losing His Resolve?

Voice of Fox Episode 4

While they may have scraped the victory through this round, it wasn't by Hu Li's voice. This time the credit is entirely on the fact that the opponent suddenly lost their voice mid-performance...

Voice of Fox Episode 3: Relying on Coincidence, Mishap and Luck

I just had to wonder why the company didn't take pains to get him an actual pass as one of the crew or something else. It seems ridiculous to expect him to find his own way in and avoid security. And it lends itself to a lot of silly moments that just kind of eat up screen time and rely very much on coincidence and the absurd for things to work out.

Voice of Fox Episode 2: It Isn’t Paranoia When They Are Watching

Voice of Fox Episode 2

There isn't anything overly new here and the story plays out this week more or less as expected after the introduction last week. We learn a bit about Hu Li's tragic back story though the specifics are still not clear giving them plenty to lean into later should they choose to. We also learn more … Continue reading Voice of Fox Episode 2: It Isn’t Paranoia When They Are Watching

Voice of Fox Episode 1: Curiosity

Voice of Fox Episode 1

I have to admit I was curious when I read the description of this one on MAL and then the date it was said to come out came and went and I just assumed nothing I used was going to get it and moved on. Then an episode popped up on Crunchyroll. I'm kind of … Continue reading Voice of Fox Episode 1: Curiosity