Tsurune Episode 14

More of the same but just a little different.

Well the boys are back in another episode of Tsurune. This one took me by surprise when it appeared out of the blue on the Crunchyroll line up, though I guess if I paid more attention to release announcements I’d have known it was coming. Still, an additional episode is fraught with potential to be trite, pandering, or just plain pointless and while there isn’t a lot of point here, one could arguably say that Tsurune has always been more about the journey than the destination.

Tsuruen Episode 14

One clear difference here is the sheer amount of focus on the rival team with the boys from both schools heavily interacting after an idol was supposed to be shot at Masaki’s temple. Still, where I originally groaned at the premise as I thought it would be a cheap excuse to have idols running around a show they have no real business being in, Tsurune once again proved that it knows how to stick with what it does best.

The outcome, the idol shooting at the temple, is more or less extraneous to the episode as the episode is about the interactions between the different boys from the two schools. Shu and Minato have both grown, but so have all the other characters, including the previously almost insufferable twins. The end result is a pleasant and calm viewing experience occasionally broken up by smaller comedic moments that have varying degrees of success. I did like the photo op of all the boys in servant shirts though.

Tsurune Episode 14 - Servant Shirts

As with most extra episodes, there’s not a lot of point if you haven’t watched the series. These interactions are only pleasurable if you have pre-existing knowledge of the group and where they’ve come from.

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I will say though that episode 14 is nowhere near as pretty as previous episode. The shooting isn’t accompanied by wind or leaves, the direction, while function, is fairly ordinary, and the sound track isn’t exactly doing much. While I really loved the aesthetics of the season, and while this works, it is just nowhere near the same level.

Okay, Masaki is still gorgeous.

Still, for those who watched and loved Tsurune this is an extra treat with an episode springing from nowhere to give us some more Kyudo fun.

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91 Days Episode 13


It feels like it has been forever since 91 Days was on, though I guess that is hardly true. Still, my series review of this tale of revenge was a long time ago so I wasn’t really sure what to make of the release of an episode 13 in the middle of the Summer 2017 season.


I guess there isn’t really a lot to make of this. Instead we see three fairly disconnected stories that do fill in some character gaps or relationships that we knew about but didn’t really get to see in the series, but ultimately nothing here is needed for the series nor does it radically change your view of anything or anyone.


For a stand alone, it kind of is nothing. Not bad or good, it just kind of floats along and really if you didn’t already know the greater narrative there would be nothing at all to this. With some attachment to the characters and knowing how some of these relationships end up, it has a little more impact, but still is hardly going to knock your socks off.


So for die-hard fans of 91 Days, this one might be worth checking out, and given it is only a standard episode length it isn’t a huge time investment, but it is hardly something you need to rush out and watch.

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