Die Hard Movie Review

Oh look, another non-anime review. Actually, this was holiday viewing because it is about the only movie everyone in my family agreed on that had a Christmas theme so here we go. Overview: John McClane has been invited to a Christmas party at the company his wife works at. While there, a group of armed … Continue reading Die Hard Movie Review

Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Review: More people died. Some of them you may even remember the names of. Most likely not though. There's an extended duel between Cal and Seigi (which BB is kind of part of due to ghostly presence) and that's probably the best part of the episode. Even then, it's pretty ordinary. And then we blow … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 11

Mob Psycho 100 Revisited

So, I watched the first episode of this when it came out and was somewhat underwhelmed. The humour didn't hit for me and the art style, while it is clearly different and interesting in its own way, didn't do much more me either.  After reading repeated rave reviews of this show I went back and … Continue reading Mob Psycho 100 Revisited