Blog Growth, the Eternal Struggle

I occasionally get asked for blogging advice, as I assume you all do, and I do my best to answer even though I'm still a rank amateur, albeit a veteran one. By far the most common question I get is how do you reach more people/get more followers? I've also noticed a trend in the … Continue reading Blog Growth, the Eternal Struggle


Are Otaku The Worst?

Hello everyone, welcome to my story time! A few months ago I watched a youtube video by this guy who has a comedy tv show review/commentary channel. He basically picks a show, watches a bit and pokes lighthearted fun at it with these little cartoon avatars. It's a cute channel and I enjoy it as … Continue reading Are Otaku The Worst?

Do Blogging Breaks Work?

There’s really only on gif to use for this occasion, isn’t there? You know guys, when you’ve been around the blogosphere for a while, you start to recognize certain patterns. Signs if you will. When you pay attention, you can sort of tell when a blogger is no longer as excited by their blog as … Continue reading Do Blogging Breaks Work?

Foreigners in Anime

I have always been the weird foreign kid. When I was younger we moved around so much that I never got to know what it's like not to be the outsider. I have no innate appreciation for feeling like I thoroughly belong somewhere and that somewhere truly belongs to me. My home is where the … Continue reading Foreigners in Anime

Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria

In a recentish episode of Demon Slayer (not sure when this will be published), we found out that wisteria keeps demons away. This caught my attention. I was familiar with the name of course, but I realized through the episode that I didn’t actually know what wisteria is. Let alone why they would be a … Continue reading Demon Slayer’s Wisteria Hysteria