Food Wars Episode 11

Review: From a story point of view, this episode is more interesting. We have a new challenge with new rules in a new location and we seem to be progressing beyond just creating great food and now we're actually focussing on practical cooking. And there in lies the problem with this episode. Erina. She so … Continue reading Food Wars Episode 11


Food Wars Season 2 Episode 7

Review: While going into this episode I really didn't care who won this battle as neither of the characters competing had particularly interested me up until this point, somehow I got drawn into their match. The moment of judging was particularly tense and that outcome was actually kind of cool. I'm not going to say … Continue reading Food Wars Season 2 Episode 7

Food Wars Episode 6

Review: Should the episode be accused of lacking tension because the outcome was inevitable? Probably not. However, it really did feel like it was marking time until the tasting. I was hoping they wouldn't stretch this contest the whole episode and we could move forward, but instead they milked this battle to the last minute … Continue reading Food Wars Episode 6