An Opportunity To Knock The Wind Clean Out Of Their Sails

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Run With The Wind Episode 7 Review

The boys finally participate in an actual track meet and this early in the season there are no surprises, except perhaps that Prince finished at all. Seriously, Prince is still my absolutely favourite character in this series and his calm manner before running as he reads manga is just absolutely priceless. I think what I particularly appreciate is that he isn’t kicking and wailing about not wanting to run. He has just kind of resigned himself to doing it and just wants it all to be as painless as possible.

Run With The Wind Episode 7 Prince

However, for Kakeru this isn’t a laughing matter nor one he can take lightly. While we’ve seen a bit about what happened before there’s still plenty we don’t know about him and while he is definitely more in support of the team, he’s still pretty much emotionally unable to deal with how they end up performing and even his own performance. Still, despite starting like a fairly blandish protagonist, Kakeru is turning out to be surprisingly interesting even if the path he’s on seems pretty predictable.

Run With The Wind Episode 7 Kakeru

I’d turn my attention to Haiji, and I would like to at some point look at the personal strength he must have to come back from an injury like he has and to drag everyone along in his wake, even if I do find him obnoxious, but I’m kind of hoping for a little more about the information about his injury so I’ll hold off on that.

Run With The Wind Episode 7 Hiaji

Instead, I’ll focus on the sound in this week’s episode (well it was that or how many buckets of sweat the characters had rolling off them). Realistically it makes sense that these guys would be breathing hard, and even harder than the other runners who had been training more diligently for longer, and yet the gasping sounds as we progressed through the race were more than a little off-putting. This is perhaps one of those cases where striving for realism is great and all but did we really need it? I think all it really did was minimise the impact of some of the other sounds that came through the race and that is a shame because Run With The Wind is an anime that kind of gets the importance of using sound as emphasis of critical moments and doesn’t feel the need to just get louder but actually makes individual sounds stand out from the crowd and draw the listeners in.

Anyway, another week of Run With The Wind is done and I will say this one has more or less settled into the middle of the pack of shows I am watching. I enjoy it well enough and some of the early episodes were very solid, but we’ve definitely kind of settled into fairly standard territory and while as a whole this anime is still pretty well made, I’m just not interested enough in running to have this one as a must watch.

Miraculous Survival of the Slime; Defeated Fire Demon Devoured

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode Review Title Image

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7 Review

Was anyone really surprised to see that Rimuru survives everything that goes down this week? If the answer is yes I’d question whether or not they’d watched the episodes up until this point because clearly they haven’t been paying attention. Rimuru, since his reincarnation, has not received anything resembling damage and we already knew he had fire resistance, so the fight this week was more about how much collateral damage would happen before it all got under control.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7 Review

However, backing up a bit, this is largely an episode focused on Shizu and yet we learn only the bare bones about her background. Admittedly, watching her being forced to take out her friend and the puppy thing they adopted was kind of tragic and you can kind of see why she might have a few issues, there’s a huge number of gaps still in her story. While that gives us something to look forward to learning, it really does feel like this episode spent a lot of time on a character to reveal little.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7

Though, that actually seems to be the trend this week in anime with plot and character reveals moving incredibly slowly. While in some stories it makes sense and Bloom Into You is certainly making the most of its languid pacing, I’m not entirely convinced an Isekai has the emotional depth or narrative complexity to really warrant such an incredibly casual drive.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7 - Shizu

Still, if it seems I am simply complaining about this show, I will give it credit where it is due. The actual fight was pretty cool to watch or would have been if my internet hadn’t kept slowing down causing the picture to go fuzzy. Not to mention, after the fight we get to see Ifrit meeting Veldora inside of Rimuru. Now, I’m not sure how the inner workings of a slime go, but honestly this is the start of a terrible joke. A dragon and a demon meet inside a slime… and you get the point. Very curious as to where they go with this idea though as Rimuru seems to be collecting ridiculously powered creatures inside of him and he himself is ridiculously overpowered.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 7

So yes, at seven episodes in I’m pretty much hooked into this show given I actually do care about what the reveals might be and where these characters are going. It has definitely been a slow build but its continued to do enough to keep me watching and in the meantime its managed to build a reasonable foundation for the story to build off of. So while I’m still not a enthused about this as some other titles, I am pretty happy I chose to stick with it this long.