The Benefits and Pleasure of Reading Light Novels

Normally this is the time of week I'd have a light novel or manga review and I certainly have more than a few books stacked on my desk and ready for their reviews to be written or finalised. However, recently I was asked what I enjoyed about reading light novels and it made me start … Continue reading The Benefits and Pleasure of Reading Light Novels


Friday’s Feature: Baiting the Hook

While previously shows have had episodes to build a world and characters, now many viewers make snap judgements with some cutting episodes before the first scene is done. Where the three episode rule used to hold true, and current narratives seem to be well aware of such a rule with more and more shows either moving a mini-climax to episode two or making episode 3 a two-parter to draw their episode back (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord), less viewers seem to actually hold to this rule these days.

Friday’s Feature: There Are Many Ways To Appreciate Anime

Anime is... I'm certain most of you were finishing that sentence for yourself and I'm absolutely certain that for every reader the answer is going to end up being a little bit different (even if the same word comes to mind). Why? Because even at the individual level, I watch anime for a wide variety … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: There Are Many Ways To Appreciate Anime

Can Anime Stories Change Your World?

Narratives are a fundamentally important part of sharing the human experience. Anime is a particularly special medium where we get some truly amazing stories and experiences shared in novel ways. Here I muse about the nature of fiction and its value.

Friday’s Feature – Anime For Advertising

We all know anime that was produced entirely to get people to buy something. Whether it be cards, the manga, particular products, an idea, or games, these kind of productions have been around for a long time. Let's be honest, a lot of this is actually the reason anime gets funded. Like with any kind … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – Anime For Advertising