KADO Episode 3



They’ve emerged from the cube and finally negotiations are getting underway, but my question is what are they actually negotiating? Given zaShunina has already said the passengers will be released and he seems to be wanting to give information rather than receive it, stating that it is a negotiation seems a bit off. Then again, I’m kind of certain there’s more to it than altruistic higher order being giving humans advanced knowledge so maybe things will become clearer later.


I’m thinking this show is only going to have a very limited appeal to anime fans in general. It is incredibly dry with most of this episode being focussed on the set-up of negotiations, the press moving into position through security, or the negotiation itself. While the music is amazing and I’m finding the animation really pretty (some people disagree on that one), the slow pace of the dialogue heavy story is probably going to cause some people to walk away despite the fairly interesting nature of the discussion. Okay, the ideas are highly interesting, the delivery might be a little less so depending on your preferences. Despite that, I’m pretty hooked on this show right now.


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Flip Flappers Episode 3


Flip Flappers Review:

Flip Flappers is a lot of things but one thing I am not going to accuse this show of being is logical. This episode just kind of continued to throw things at us with frantic energy and kind of hoped the shining prettiness and weirdness of the whole thing would help make it through to the end. Admittedly, the reveals (multiple) at the end of this episode are kind of worth waiting for as they hint at an actual overall plot that has been sorely missing from the first three episodes of random exploration and developing themes of friendship.

Flip3b.JPGProbably my biggest issue with this episode was how many clichés we ran across in quick succession. From a Sailor Moon style transformation (had they transformed in a sequence before because that seemed to come out of left field), to a that’s not their true power comment, and so on an so forth. Actually, the tone of this episode kind of reminded me of Gurren Laagan.

Why am I finding so many comparisons? Because there is genuinely no way to explain what is going on in this anime without just taking you scene by scene through it. I keep hoping that this finds some cohesion because all the parts are interesting but I still feel like we’re only just being introduced to the world three episodes in.

Flip Flappers is available on AnimeLab.

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