ENDRO! Series Review

ENDRO Series Review

I am super late with this review but here it is: Endro! The story about four girls who want to be heroes and defeat the demon lord and in episode one they almost do but a spell goes awry and we go back to where they first meet and are training only now the demon lord is their teacher.

A Time For Choices

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Endro Episode 12 Review- It's time for the final face off between a demon lord and a hero but how will Endro deliver this event?

2019 Winter Anime End Of The Season


Now that the Winter season is mostly over, this is where the anime ended up on my list. The Reader's Poll results will be announced later today.

Sometimes Endro Gets It Just Right

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Endro Episode 11 Review - An odd series of events leads to a powerful plot twist and this one was kind of amusing.

Apparently They Do Grow On Trees

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Endro Episode 9 and 10 Review - The girls are back with their usual antics which are kind of fun and kind of cute but always a little bit uplifting.

Why Do Anime Heroes Get The Most Boring Powers?

Friday's Feature

In case it doesn't become immediately apparent, this discussion is mostly me musing on something that has bothered me in a handful of shows that I'm now generalising across anime. It is not actually intended to be an overly serious post but honestly, I've been wondering this for awhile and of all things it was … Continue reading Why Do Anime Heroes Get The Most Boring Powers?

The Princess, The Hero, and Everyone Else

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Endro Episode 7 and 8 Review - Cute Princesses and cute girls get more acquainted. Followed by a variety of shenanigans.

The Sickly Sweet With A Lot Of Heart

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Endro Episode 6 Review - Mao has come down sick with demon lord fever, or what appears to be a cold or flu. As usual, anime treats this like a life ending situation, however these characters manage to make even this tired old trope pretty adorable.

A Princess in Pursuit of Her Hero

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Endro Episode 5 Review - This week we introduce a Princess but where many an anime might now roll out someone extremely annoying, Endro takes the standard tropes and delivers something fairly interesting with them. I have to admit I really quite enjoyed this episode.

2019 Winter Anime Half-Time

Run With The Wind Episode 14 Fireworks

While we aren't quite half-way through the Winter anime season, I'm just taking a moment to take stock, look at my watch list, and I'm trying to predict which of the shows I'm watching will actually hold out until the end of the season to be my favourite. In the meantime, I'd love to know what you are watching, what you've dropped, what you think will be anime of the season, and what you think is going to fall apart.