Assassins Pride Episodes 7 + 8 Review

Assassins Episode 7 8

It’s A Mystery… Spot

Assassins Pride has some ideas in its story. They might have even been interesting had they managed to write an actually coherent story. Instead we kind of move from event to event with Melida and Kufa, and while the two of them started with a relationship that was building along nicely its now hit a plateau. With the plot going nowhere fast, the characters doing little to hold our interest, and the most recent development being a murder-mystery that rolls out in the most by the numbers way possible without any attempt to do it in an interesting way, or even a half competent way, all I can say is that Assassins Pride is most definitely one of those anime that just hasn’t hit its mark. It isn’t even that it just isn’t my style, because actually it really is the kind of story I’d like to enjoy and yet the show seems to be going out of its way to make sure that I’m just kind of watching and waiting for it to reach reasonable.


Between ostentatious character introductions, Kufa for some reason agreeing to pretend to be someone’s lover, which they then bring up maybe twice after and then promptly forget about, and mystery spots which are transparent plot devices and all you really have in these two episodes is the wonder of why they exist. It isn’t as though there seems to be any clear link to the story about Melida being assassinated for having no power. While there might be some link to Kufa’s backstory, okay, there definitely is a link there, we’ve now eaten through two episodes and I severely doubt the payoff is going to be worth it.


It strikes me as odd that even though someone was attacked the school still goes on its trip. The lightning storm is dismissed as a common occurrence in one episode and in the next is stated as a reason they cannot leave and yet no one actually seems concerned. Melida is ridiculed once again for being incompetent but then no one raises it again. Elise tells Melida that she has something to say and Melida puts her off before Elise is attacked. It’s all just banal in the way it rolls out and there’s so many face-palm inducing moments you almost feel like maybe there should have been a warning label.

However, I would be remiss in not mention that at least the scene change gives us something different to look at. These episodes bring us flowers and a magnetic cave where people can float. The small amount of visual stimulus is definitely the highlight in what is otherwise a pretty lacklustre affair all around.


Still, it isn’t enough and watching these two episodes back to back ended up feeling like more of a chore than anything else. The thing is, the show isn’t incompetent enough to make me just drop it and walk away, but it is definitely falling into that pretty dull category of shows that end up making me wonder why I spent the time on it.

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Assassins Pride Episodes 5 + 6 Review

Assassins Episode 5 6

The Tournament Ends

Over two episodes of Assassins Pride we see the tournament begin with some training montages and stills thrown in, then the tournament ends and we go to episode 6 where the girls all throw a pyjama party that promptly gets interrupted by a ‘witch’. I’m going to be brutally honest and say that I found these two episodes incredibly dull and just hard to get through with my attention frequently drifting off.


The tournament could have been potentially interesting with an infiltrator, the ongoing feud in the Angel’s family, or even just Melida and her cousin finally coming to an agreement but not one of those aspects actually had enough time or attention to really leave an impact and ultimately the whole thing resolved before you even realised you were supposed to care it was happening. And why does the school not seem to care that their tournament was interfered with? They just voted on a winner and wrapped things up as if nothing happened.


But at least that episode made some kind of sense in the grander narrative. Episode 6 was more Assassins Pride seeming to give up any pretence of its more dramatic or potentially serious story telling and it did a full dive into school girl comedy as the two schools held an unofficial closing party after hours where the girls dressed in their PJ’s sat around eating biscuits and telling ghosts stories before being attacked by a ‘witch’. It was utterly pointless and pretty dull from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Kufa has gone from being an incredible bad-ass assassin to cameo appearance side-character who does very little and gets little screen time. His few interactions with Melida over these two episodes are pretty standard and dull and there’s almost no combat in sight. Also, who the hell sits in bed wearing a button up shirt and tie?

This looks so awkward.

As we hit the halfway mark with this one I’m getting close to pulling the plug as there was just nothing in these two episodes that suggested that this anime had any intention of developing some of its more interesting ideas. But worse than that, it was boring. Hopefully episode 7 will pick things up a bit or otherwise this one may be a late drop for the season.

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Assassins Pride Episode 4 Review

Assassins Episode 4

You Are The Chosen One

You know how in Harry Potter his name came out of the Goblet of Fire even though he claimed he hadn’t put it in there and everyone was all down on him for sneaking his name in? Well, imagine doing the same thing only with stained glass and dwelling on it for less than a minute and no one in authority seemingly caring about the fact that the school representatives were so clearly swapped out. Here we are at episode 4 of Assassins Pride and I’m really starting to wonder how the title is even vaguely relevant at this point.


This week a tournament between two schools is about to begin with a lock-down of the school for seven days (nothing could go wrong with that idea). However, there’s so much surprise (for about a minute) when the curtain is pulled to reveal that Elise Angel and Melida Angel will be the school’s representatives.

Person who was probably supposed to represent the school.

Turns out it is just Elise’s maid wanting to flaunt Elise’s superiority once again, but that just turns the viewer’s attention firmly on Elise. As a character she really isn’t good. While she’s certainly lived under a lot of pressure and is clearly timid by nature, her every word and action seems to drag down the pace and tone of the show. The non-rivalry between the two girls, despite everyone else seeming to want a rivalry, just takes us back to the same point over and over again with Elise being all apologetic or self-sacrificing and Melida feeling bad that Elise is somehow looking down on her while trying to help her.

Outside of the very clever plot to reveal the maid’s underhanded deeds (not really, Kufa just pretended to have found evidence when he didn’t and she ‘fessed up instantly), Kufa also has to deal with someone from his organisation coming to question his report. It’s the guy who sets fire to paper to speak and honestly it seems like a round-a-bout communication method at best. However, it does give us our only real action of the episode.


Anyway, overall this episode was middling. It actually wasn’t bad by the standards set by the previous ones, but it also does nothing to overall raise my opinion of how this one is playing out. The story feels messy with a lot of extraneous ideas being shoved on top of what could have been a reasonably simple and much stronger narrative about Melida growing into her power.

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Assassins Pride Episode 3 Review

Assassins Episode 3

This Is Unbeatable…
No, I Am Unbeatable

This episode seemed to be going along fine enough for an anime that hasn’t made the best first impression and then somehow in the second half we have power-ups mid-battle, reveals that seem to come out of nowhere (though at least now his stupid name makes sense) and the whole plot seems to be going onto a different tangent. Assassins Pride is looking like it is going to be a mess of ideas that while linked aren’t exactly connected in the smoothest of ways leading to an uneven and at times bewildering viewing experience. All that said, I’m still kind of curious as to where it will go though now I’m very much expecting this one to literally fall apart under the weight of its own issues.


The episode begins with Melida preparing for a festival at which point we get some pointed and incredibly clunky reveals from Kufa that he had never really been to one. He’s still vague about his origins but given he’s keeping the fact that he’s an assassin secret from her that’s all fine, but it does make you wonder where he grew up considering his response. Anyway, Elise and Melida are all fired up about the festival and then Elise doesn’t get to wear the school dress and after her classmates react she runs off to cry and Melida follows. That’s when they get attacked.

And seriously, Melida gets attacked more often than Bella Swan did in the first book of Twilight and that’s saying something given that girl was an accident waiting to happen.


However, this leads to a relatively cool and logical moment where Melida, desperate to save the two of them from a medical procedure that will probably kill them both, uses Kufa’s teachings, and the fact that she’s never been able to use mana so doesn’t rely solely on it, to fight back. This is definitely the high point of the episode and a nice step on her character journey as Melida has continued to show strength and resilience over three episodes and is assimilating new techniques in order to be more effective. If that had been the peak of the episode it would have been great.


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Unfortunately the girls are overwhelmed and rescued by their respective tutors, which also makes sense. What is a little less sensible is that Kufa then pursues the bandage guy and after exchanging some weak banter the bandage guy unleashes a man-made monster that is apparently fully maxed out. Despite that, Kufa fights the bandage guy and holds off the monster, though loses an arm in the process. We then get a random power up where Kufa essentially laughs off the claim that the monster was designed with maxed out abilities and proceeds to defeat it easily.


At this point I was wondering if this was going to be one of those anime that just kept pulling powers out of their ass during each encounter. The ‘you haven’t seen my true power’ moment that just kind of kills any conflict credibility. However, they take this one step further and give us a reveal about Kufa that on paper probably sounded cool but in reality just makes me wonder about the whole premise of this story. Maybe when we get a bit more explanation it will all make sense but right now I’m not sure who is still targeting Melida and why and I’m also not sure why Kufa suddenly wants her to become some juggernaut who stands above the whole world. It is all just a bit confusing.


While I haven’t been oblivious to Assassins Pride’s shortcomings, episode 3 puts on display the fact that there are going to be some real issues with how this narrative rolls out and it makes me wonder whether this will become critical damage or whether Melida being a pretty decent character will be enough to hold it together. I do know I’ve firmly decided I hate the OP. Anyway, I’m still watching this for now but I’m really thinking I’m watching at this point just to see if it falls apart.

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Assassins Pride Episode 2 Review

Assassins Episode 2

Just Enough Gold
Amongst The Rubble

Assassins Pride continues to have some good moments and some good ideas scattered throughout what is otherwise a fairly uninspiring second episode. That said, I’m having more fun with this anime than I thought I would after the first episode and those good moments are probably going to be enough to keep me watching even if this anime doesn’t end up delivering.


Despite some concerns about Kufa as a character in episode 1, I do like the dynamic forming between him and Melida as he takes his role as her instructor quite seriously. I wish he would stop ominously internally carrying on a monologue about how his life and hers depends on X,Y,Z because to be honest if he isn’t going to properly explain the threat then he’s just being irritating. However, when he’s giving Melida advice or trying to boost her confidence, there’s some solid chemistry developing.


Melida, for her part, remains not entirely a damsel in distress or the suddenly awakened over-powered MC. She’s got to learn to use her mana now that she has it and while it is clear her solid work ethic up until now is of great benefit in getting some fairly rapid results, she isn’t going to instantly overcome all trials. Still, she’ll overcome enough that we do get a fairly satisfying moment in this episode.

Honestly, there’s a lot about the world and the premise that remains sketchy at best though that might get filled in later. The thing is though, that if those distracting elements weren’t there then we would have a fairly solid but much simpler story playing out. Possibly it will become worthwhile later but I just feel the balance in this story is a little off at the moment.

That and the fight scene are kind of hideous.

But, it is kind of easy to watch and I have been enjoying the interactions between the main characters. I’m kind of up for more of this story even if it does end up tying itself into a knot and strangling any kind of logic. Let’s hope it doesn’t do that.

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Assassins Pride Episode 1 Review

Assassins Episode 1

Great Opening Scene –
Okay Episode

This anime opens with a bang in a fairly short fight sequence that was kind of reminiscent of the first time we saw Train from Black Cat in action. In other words it was cool for the sake of being cool and while it is short lived it set up certain expectations around the rest of the episode that were kind of not met. That isn’t to say there’s anything particularly wrong with this first episode other than it never really engages you the way the first few minutes did.


I would have to say that my biggest problem with the first episode is the titular assassin character, Kufa Vampir (whose name is almost as dumb as Train Heartnet from Black Cat so there’s an ongoing connection despite the rest of the episode being nothing like the tone set in Black Cat). Anyway, stupid name aside my real issue with this character comes from the fact that despite being an assassin he seems pretty slow on the uptake and his view of the situation changes dramatically in a very short space of time seemingly on a whim rather than based on any actual evidence.


It doesn’t help that the only other character to get much screen time in this episode is Melida Angel who is pretty much used as a punching bag by everybody. It is nice to see her try to fight with her own strength but in both instances she’s very quickly beaten down so her token resistance does little to remove her from the standard damsel in distress model.

However, while the two main characters weren’t hugely impressive in their first showing, there is potential that they will become more rounded as things continue and the premise here is kind of interesting. The world the characters inhabit, the different motives of the people around Melida, there’s a lot that can potentially be explored that might be quite interesting. Whether or not Assassins Pride does anything with it will remain to be seen but much like Special 7‘s first episode, which wasn’t all that special, this one kind of got my attention while I was watching even while I fully understand why other viewers might have pulled the plug already.


It’s a pure fantasy world that isn’t the setting of an isekai story and while the characters are using magic and swords it doesn’t feel like a generic pseudo medieval set-up for once. The sheer novelty of that would make me at least want to try a couple more episodes and if the main characters manage to step things up a bit this one could end up being decent. We’ll see how it goes.

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