Three Big Lies We Tell Ourselves in the Face of Love

Friday's Feature: This week we look at characters who deny that they are in love and the big lies we tell ourselves about love. Bloom Into You holds up a mirror to the lies people tell themselves when confronted with a love they cannot understand or act on.

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 26: An Emotional Bomb

Review: This episode is pure and simple emotional manipulation, however it does it so incredibly well. Actually, probably as close to perfect as any individual anime episode will get. If it doesn't get you crying in the first part where we find out the circumstances behind Hina's tears at the end of the previous episode, … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 26: An Emotional Bomb

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 21

Review: 21 episodes and finally we have this: Rei felt connected and was happy. And you know what? This was an incredibly quiet moment buried in an episode but right there was the moment I felt absolutely satisfied having watched this show. Rei hasn't done a complete 180 as a character. He isn't completely set … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 21

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 8

Review: The shogi lesson continues and we see more of how Rei responds to Nikaidou's presence in his life. I love how Rei says he feels suffocated when he spends time with Nikaidou but it didn't seem to be directed at Nikaidou himself and more the way Nikaidou makes Rei feel about himself. It was … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 8

Days Episode 18

Review: My opinion about Days as a series is unchanged. There's a number of issues with pacing and characterisation going on. This episode, however, I loved. From start to finish I was absolutely engrossed. It helped that the main focus of this episode were the characters on the team we've spent the most time with. … Continue reading Days Episode 18

Friday’s Feature: A little too real (or why I’m putting Free on hold)

A little while back I did my first impressions of Free. It was an anime that I'd heard all the hype about and utterly and completely ignored. Good looking guys swimming. Whatever. Anyway, given over the last 12 months I finally started giving sports anime a go, and given I've found quite a few anime … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: A little too real (or why I’m putting Free on hold)

Days Episode 15

Review: I'm starting to feel a little bit worn down by Days. Not surprising really given it was never the kind of anime I'm really interested in. I still do like the characters and I don't intend to drop this because I do want to see how they develop right until the end but I … Continue reading Days Episode 15

D Gray Man Hallow Episode 10

Review: Just what the show needed, more infighting on both sides and more complications (I'm being a little sarcastic). This was a great episode. Characters reflected on the previous battle and began manoeuvring for the next rounds. There was a good balance between depression and feeling sorry for themselves and the desperate humour that the … Continue reading D Gray Man Hallow Episode 10

Orange Episode 7

Review: Episode 7 brings us a wonderfully emotional episode. Early on you just can't help but wonder why Suwa would show Naho his letter only to have left the last part of it at home. It becomes clearer as the episode continues, but it still makes you wonder why Naho didn't find that suspicious. The … Continue reading Orange Episode 7

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 8

Review: Best friend and fiancée having a squabble. Check. Strange guy from the past who is super powerful showing up. Check. Strange guy turns out to a mentor but also has a really bad attitude. Check. Twin Star is definitely not looking to do anything new but the pace of this episode and the emotional … Continue reading Twin Star Exorcists Episode 8