Tales of Zestiria The X Season 2 Episode 4



It’s interesting that Tales of Zestiria is devoting so much time to Rose over the last few episodes. Mostly because of all the characters we’ve met and followed along, Rose is one of the few who is actually reasonably complex. She isn’t good for the sake of being a good guy, nor is she selfish and out for herself. Rose has a strict moral code it just doesn’t fit with Sorey’s view of the world. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of happy when Dezel slammed Sorey against a wall. While I’m not actually a big fan of murder for justice, Sorey’s view of the world has always been obnoxiously optimistic and Rose’s story is nicely countering some of the sickly sweetness of that view. It will be interesting to see the fall out from the events this week in the next episode.

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