Dr Stone Anime Series Review (Season 1)

Dr Stone Series Review

Faced with a world thousands of years after humans were all turned to stone, Senku sets himself the task of rebuilding civilisation and technology and he isn't going to let anything stop him. Dr Stone gives a fun look at life after the current world ends.

Dr Stone Episodes 21 + 22 Review

Stone Episode 21 22

Scientific inventions, hard work, and Christmas lights come together in this pair of episode as Ishigami Village continues to rush technological advancement in order to prepare for the coming conflict. As usual, the cast carry the show and there's plenty to enjoy in this pair of episodes.

Dr Stone Episode 19 Review

Stone Episode 19

All things considered, the inhabitants of Ishigami village take their village burning down surprisingly in-stride this week in Dr Stone. While last week was pleasantly surprising, this week while interesting felt like it was on hold and trying to help us get to a specific end point at a specific time. Still, there were some good moments to be found.

Dr Stone Episode 17 Review

Stone Episode 17

This week it is all about taking risks and betting on a chance of survival. As Byakuya's story comes to an end we see the gift he left for Senku.

Dr Stone Episode 16 Review

Stone Episode 16

What happened the day the world turned to stone? Well, we still haven't got all the answers but this episode does show us a new perspective and also answers the question of why there are blonde characters running around in a village in Japan. Dr Stone continues its strong run of episodes with another compelling view.

Dr Stone Episode 15 Review

Stone Episode 15

So they threw yet another curve ball at us before the end of the tournament but we have finally gotten to curing Ruri. I have to admit it is deeply satisfying seeing all of the pieces coming together here.