Hanabee Mystery Box

Recently I bought another Hanabee Mystery Box. Last time I got the pleasure of watching Tokyo Fish Attack (and yes, that pleasure was mostly from laughing so hard at the storyline or just the general staring at it wondering what was supposed to be going on). I also received Girls and Panzer complete OVA series … Continue reading Hanabee Mystery Box

Sale on Hanabee

For those in Australia, Hanabee is having a sale on their anime DVD's. 20% off until the end of June. Keep in mind this is only off of the Hanabee anime and not the other anime that the site sells, however the sale items are pretty clearly marked. Worth checking out if you had your … Continue reading Sale on Hanabee

Pre-order Parasyte through Hanabee

So this is great news: If you're in Australia or New Zealand you should check this out on the Hanabee site. The image is from the website and this is only part 1 of the series but still good news.