Evil of Live Episode 4: Enough is Enough

Review: Realistically I should have dropped this one earlier but I was kind of intrigued about what they might do with this set up even though I hated the characters and the story so far. Well, this week kind of convinced me that all they plan to do is be horrible to one another over … Continue reading Evil of Live Episode 4: Enough is Enough

Fuuka Episode 5

Review: I'm officially dropping Fuuka at episode 5. To be fair to this episode, it isn't any worse than anything we've watched before but I'm tired of this show and these characters and the contrived situations they find themselves in and the inanity that stretches between the contrivances. There are plenty of other reasons to … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 5

Nanbaka Episode 2

Review: This is pretty much my last review for this one. Yep, I'm dropping it. And not because it isn't good because for a comedy about a bunch of teenagers who like to escape from prison, it's actually not bad. Visually it is vibrant and interesting to look at. Most jokes (though obvious) land their … Continue reading Nanbaka Episode 2

Dream Festival Episode 1

Overview: It's a show about idols and that's as far as I got. Review: At this point I haven't actually finished episode 1 so I'm pretty positive this is going to be my only write up on this series, unless everything else is dreadful forcing me to go back and finish. That said, for people … Continue reading Dream Festival Episode 1

Servamp Revisited

So I originally made it through an episode and a half. Rather than try to pick it up mid-episode I read a synopsis of episode 2 and hit episode 3. Review: Yeah-no. As cool as the whole vampire setting is, and clearing out a restaurant by dropping a body on the floor, and even some … Continue reading Servamp Revisited

Spring Overview Week 7

This week's thoughts on the Spring Season. And the dropping of shows continues. That said, I have now thoroughly picked up My Hero Academia and even though I'm a few episodes behind I will be adding it to the list. I'm also adding Assassination Classroom into the mix and I'll try to keep my reviews … Continue reading Spring Overview Week 7

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless Episode 6

Review: This episode felt like it went at least an hour. And while I agree whole-heartedly that umbrellas are a pain in the neck, that's about all I got out of this episode. It wasn't funny or cute and didn't progress any of the existing character relationships. The second half of the episode focussed entirely … Continue reading Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless Episode 6