This Is The Anime You HAD To Watch

Regardless of the anime you've seen, there's always something you've missed that someone else feels is pivotal to being an anime fan - of they just really want to share the love. Irina and I discuss the anime people have recommended and how those recommendations have gone.

Is Season 2 Of The Promised Neverland Weaker Than Its Predecessor?

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Discussion

There was a lot to love about season 1 of The Promised Neverland and I was eagerly anticipating a season 2. Now we have it and I can't help but wonder if maybe this second season is missing the mark.

Quadra-collab Fails to Form a Band: Reviews Given (movie)” – pt 4 (Final)

Regular readers will know that I was a huge fan of the Given anime and once I found out about the movie I was super excited. And then Irina went and made it even better by suggesting this collaboration between Scott, Shoujo, Irina and myself after we viewed the movie. Hopefully you have already seen … Continue reading Quadra-collab Fails to Form a Band: Reviews Given (movie)” – pt 4 (Final)

A Discussion on the Censorship of Fire Force

Irina starts a discussion around changes to the Fire Force anime and whether or not this amounts to censorship. It's a hot topic and one with some big opinions so be sure to join in a civil discussion around the current state of the anime.

Scott and Karandi Discuss Attack on Titan Part 2

Welcome to part two of the collaboration between Scott and myself as we discuss Attack on Titan and its latest developments as well as ask those pressing questions that have been on our minds. I had a lot of fun with this particular collaboration and it was a long time coming because Scott and I … Continue reading Scott and Karandi Discuss Attack on Titan Part 2

Friendly Talks With Arthifis – Meiji Tokyo Renka Episodes 5 – 9

Meiji Tokyo Renka post title

We're back and this time Arthifis and I are discussing the mid-season of Meiji Tokyo Renka and we have been having a great time with this one. If you hop on over to the Anime Shelter you will find our thoughts on The Rising of the Shield Hero. Anyway, I'll be in red and Arthifis … Continue reading Friendly Talks With Arthifis – Meiji Tokyo Renka Episodes 5 – 9

Is There A Best Time To Post An Anime Review?

Friday's Feature Banner Image

Friday's Feature: This week I'm looking at post schedules and whether or not there's a 'best time' to release a review post. I'd love to know your opinion so please jump in on the conversation and leave a comment.

Friendly Talks with Arthifis: Dakaichi Late Season Thoughts

Dakaichi Episode 7 On Set

Arthifis and Karandi join forces to discuss the latest episodes of Dakaichi. This post covers the events up to episode 8 and we're pleased to dive back into the relationship between Junta and Takato, slightly less pleased to discuss Ayagi.

Friday’s Feature – Anime For Advertising

We all know anime that was produced entirely to get people to buy something. Whether it be cards, the manga, particular products, an idea, or games, these kind of productions have been around for a long time. Let's be honest, a lot of this is actually the reason anime gets funded. Like with any kind … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – Anime For Advertising

Wolf Girl and Black Prince – Discussion

This one isn't a review as I haven't watched this series recently. What brought it up was that this title was recently added on AnimeLab. It's about a girl named Erika who, like the boy who cried wolf, talks to her new classmates about her wonderful boyfriend even though she doesn't have one. When cornered, … Continue reading Wolf Girl and Black Prince – Discussion