Terror In Resonance Series Review

This is part of a series of re-posts of older reviews on 100 Word Anime. The original review came out in July 2016 and can be found here. We've seen a lot of these movies, series, books, etc of late that seem to look at the underlying causes of terrorism and what makes someone villainous. These … Continue reading Terror In Resonance Series Review

Death Note Series Review: Not Quite Cat and Mouse

Overview: I seriously can't believe I hadn't reviewed this anime already. I was probably holding it off for a special occasion and the lead up to Halloween works for me. Plus, having watched the Netflix movie recently the anime was on my mind so I rewatched the first half of it again so now seems … Continue reading Death Note Series Review: Not Quite Cat and Mouse

Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Overview: At the cafe Nowhere the detective agency Hamatora makes its base. Made up of a group of Minimum Holders (people with superpowers) they take on all kinds of jobs as long as they are interested. However somewhere in the city there's a killer targeting Minimum Holders. Review: In case it sounds like the overview … Continue reading Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Trickster Episode 11

Review: The opening sequence of Trickster this week decided to play around with the visuals instead of sound, though I have to ask why there is suddenly some sort of floating base. Anyway, Hanasaki remains an inept main character and not a particularly interesting one. Amazingly enough after Akechi turns up he regrets being a … Continue reading Trickster Episode 11

Trickster Episode 10

Review: This episode kind of defines everything that is wrong with Trickster. We have one of the core cast members abducted by the guy who has been set up to be the master-mind villain and now he's been taken back to his lair to be brainwashed. That should be an amazingly dramatic episode. Instead we … Continue reading Trickster Episode 10

Trickster Episode 6

Review: Trickster is continuing to roll along in unspectacular fashion. This week the agency is officially on break from pretending to detect but that won't stop Hanasaki from finding ways to stick his nose into other people's business. Mostly what I took away from this episode is Hanasaki is a genuine idiot. Not the kind … Continue reading Trickster Episode 6

Trickster Episode 5

Review: And we're still playing hide and seek in the waterways for this episode of Trickster. Akechi forces more information out of the guy in hospital while Hanasaki finally gets released from school. Meanwhile Inoue tells Kobayashi to save himself and to leave him (which being Kobayashi he agrees to leaving Inoue in a heartbeat, … Continue reading Trickster Episode 5

Trickster Episode 4

Review: Trickster, I have news for you. Playing dramatic music at the end of an unresolved episode does not make the generic events of your episode anymore compelling or intriguing. I guess I shouldn't complain too much. They finally have something resembling an actual mystery though the whole set-up seems pretty pointless and I'm kind … Continue reading Trickster Episode 4

Trickster Episode 3

Review: Confirmed that Hanasaki is a really annoying character. That said, his pep and impulsiveness are kind of needed given the characters around him so it makes him tolerable. It was nice to see Kobayashi start to exhibit some elements of a personality besides wanting to die this episode and the case they worked on … Continue reading Trickster Episode 3

Trickster Episode 2

Review: I'm still intrigued but I'm also certain this show isn't getting any better so those who didn't much find the first episode interesting won't miss much by giving this a pass. Hanasaki may be the most annoying protagonist that I'm watching this season and the mystery this episode was kind of meh but there's … Continue reading Trickster Episode 2