Uchi no Musume Review Episode 3


There’s Something About Dale


If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode 3

What happens when you take the most adorable element of your adorable anime off the screen for a large chunk of the episode? Well, by and large you force your audience to pay attention to the other part of the main duo, in this case Dale, and that may or may not work for viewers.

I actually enjoyed Uchi no Musume this week despite the serious lack of decent visuals in both the dragon flight and fight sequences. Seriously, while this one manages adorable close ups of Latina in almost every other scene and has some nice looking character designs when there’s only one character on the screen and they aren’t moving very much, the animation is definitely questionable at best and we’re only three episodes in. It isn’t a deal breaker for me because I quite like these characters and what little plot is being draped around them at the moment, but I can imagine it would be quite frustrating for some.


Dale is a little over the top and hard to take at times. His excessive obsession around Latina, to the point where he throws a childish temper tantrum about leaving is just kind of sad. With this episode splitting time between Latina learning to make a pie at the tavern to surprise Dale when he gets back and Dale actually doing his job, they were seriously risking the audience switching off in the Dale moments.


What saves those scenes is actually the other characters we’re introduced to. I love that we have seen Dale as a jaded adventurer and now doting father/brother character who is way too obsessed with looking after Latina, but it was interesting to see that other characters really do see some fearsome character. The reaction of the dragon rider to Dale was priceless and the contrast between how Dale has been presented to the audience so far and how the dragon rider viewed him was hilarious.


I also liked meeting Dale’s friend Gregor and his response to how Dale has changed. Gregor’s honest bewilderment at Dale’s antics as he moped about leaving Latina and sulked about the job felt really genuine and made me want to know more about Dale pre-Latina obsession. Then of course we actually got to see Dale working and while in the lead-up to the job he was still carrying on, once they reached their target he was all business. Dale is apparently very good at his job.

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What also works here is that Dale asserts that he can kill demons or humans if it is his job. Adopting Latina hasn’t stopped him from being able to do a job where he is required to kill demons. This definitely sets up some future problems that the characters may come across.


All and all, this episode wasn’t as aww inducing as the previous two but I felt like it was moving things along and helping us learn more about the characters and the situation so I enjoyed it. I still think Dale’s a little over the top, but I do have respect for his skills, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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Uchi no Musume Review Episode 2


Tilt Your Head And Say ‘Aww’


If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode 2

This one is definitely going for the super cutesy and doing everything possible to present Latina as the most adorable demon daughter ever. For the most part they are even succeeding even if it is a rather heavy handed attempt at ‘aw’ inducing moments.


For Dale, Kenneth and Rita (the two who run the tavern) there’s a real sense that this is a honeymoon period for taking in a child. Dale in particular is a little besotted by his cute acquisition and it is difficult to tell if he is treating her as a daughter or a particularly clever pet at times. His concern for her wellbeing is genuine even if a little over the top and his fear when he goes missing is one I’m sure most parents could relate to.


What really kind of over does it is Latina herself who seems far too aware for a child her age. While she’s been through a lot, her ongoing consistent efforts at being helpful and obedient are a little too on the nose and while plenty of young children might like to be helpful at times they also get bored and distracted.

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I did really like that the crisis this episode was a very human one that any parent with a child might go through and had nothing to do with Latina being a demon with a broken horn. I’m sure we’ll get some development on that but at the moment the trials of a new parent-child relationship are more than enough drama to fuel the story and it is nice that Uchi no Musume seems to be taking the time to establish this relationship.


Overall, this one may end up being a little too saccharine for my liking but at the moment I’m still finding it pretty cute.

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Images from: Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai. Dir. T Yanase. Maho Film. 2019.

Uchi no Musume Review Episode 1


An Exceptionally Long Title For An Exceptionally Cute Demon


If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode 1

Let’s get that mouthful of a name out of the way and safely establish that I’m never going to write it in full again. Hence forth this is Uchi no Musume or If It’s For my Daughter. There’s a limit to even my willingness to type and that name is too long for common sense.

Yep, you two definitely need a better title.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I’m actually pleased to say that the first anime I selected at random from the many new anime out for Summer turned out to be fairly pleasant viewing. It wasn’t exceptional by any stretch of the imagination but it was a nice, relaxing bit of viewing with a cute kid character that I actually found relatively adorable.

I really liked that the two characters are struggling with a language barrier. Admittedly, she’s learning pretty fast, but it just adds an extra level of cute to their interactions.

Uchi no Musume starts off with Dale, a pretty stock standard fantasy, nice guy adventurer character doing his thing when he encounters a demon child wandering about the forest. Learning soon after, through broken communication with a language barrier between him and the girl, that her father/guardian/something is dead, Dale takes her back to his home city and then proceeds to dote on the little darling as to the owners of the tavern where Dale lives.

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It is a simple enough set up and the potential for tension as you have a human raising a demon child who for reasons unknown was alone in a forest means that despite the cute and relaxed tone and the slice of life label, there’s a possibility of this one keeping my interest (or it may choose to just focus on being cute which if they succeed as they did in this episode I’ll take it anyway).

Happy Family!

Visually it is pretty average. The fantasy world being set up is fairly generic. The opening and ending songs are both cute but nothing special. This one isn’t a must watch but I’m thinking it will be a nice mid-range anime to relax to this season and so far it is a keeper for me.

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Images from: Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai. Dir. T Yanase. Maho Film. 2019.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 13


The Battle is Won/The Battle Begins

Tanjiro - Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Episode 13

It is interesting when you are both right and wrong about where something is going. I wondered last week if Nezuko was going to get into the house and if she did whether one of the other demon slayers would attack her. Well, she didn’t get into the house but the two demon slayers that aren’t Tanjiro did get out of the house and one of them most certainly did try to attack her.

And this is where we see Kimetsu no Yaiba being a tiny bit smart about its characterisation. In three episodes we’ve had Zenitsu being the snivelly and annoying character we all hated. Then he was a snivelling coward who unleashed an awesome attack. It didn’t make us like him but his credit as a demon slayer went up a bit and we at least appreciated that he wasn’t entirely dead weight. And now we have this episode where he doesn’t fight or draw his sword but he manages to emotionally get the audience on his side. He defends Nezuko.


More than just defending the box because Tanjiro said it was important, Zenitsu defends Tanjiro’s important box knowing that Tanjiro is carrying around a demon. He knows it, he admits it, he doesn’t know why but plans to ask Tanjiro, but in the meantime, he isn’t getting out of the way and he is protecting the box.

Zenitsu - I protected it.

None of this makes his screaming hysteria any easier to take but in three episodes they’ve made a character with almost zero redeeming characteristics one that for a moment at least is admirable and that may just be enough to balance out his less desirable character traits going forward. Well, I guess it depends how much crying he does as to how much good will this act buys him.

Plus, if you wanted to see Tanjiro genuinely angry, here’s your chance.

Tanjiro - Knock it off!

But all of this is the end of the episode and I skipped right over the fairly impressive fight sequence of the first half. It is amazing how I was really enjoying the first half of the episode and then the second half just blew it straight out of my mind.

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We get the tragic demon back-story which does help us buy into Tanjiro’s compassionate stance on demons in general. Tanjiro’s injuries continue to play a role and even Tanjiro admits just spirit won’t be enough to win the fight (look at that a shounen hero who understands spirit and guts won’t overcome a lack of skill and power). Tanjiro’s final farewell to the demon where he admits the demon’s power was amazing but he couldn’t forgive him for killing people was perfect. Acknowledging the demon for who he was, both the positive and the dreadful.


All and all, there’s little to complain about in this episode and I’m really looking forward to next week because once again we ended on a cliff-hanger and I want to see just what Tanjiro does when Nezuko is seriously being threatened.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 12


Trapped Inside The Demon House


Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 12

What to do when trapped in a house with multiple demons and multiple demon slayers as well as a few kids for fodder? Well, clearly Demon Slayer is using this to introduce us to Zenitsu and the boar guy’s fighting styles as well as to take a moment to let Tanjiro wallow before overcoming his own weakness. Yep, anime at its finest. Broken ribs and legs can be overcome by wrapping a few bandages around them and having strong resolve.


All snarkiness aside, I mean who watches shounen for realistic physical capabilities in the first place, this episode was pretty solid at delivering the story it attempted. We had the annoying Zenitsu once again being annoying, until he passed out and then it was like an alternate personality took over momentarily. Whichever way, his final blow against the demon was very cool to watch, even if that doesn’t offset just how annoying the character is every time he opens his mouth.


Boar Guy, I guess I’ll learn his name eventually, was a little more interesting as he does seem to be fighting demons but isn’t overly interested in saving the kids or working with the other demon slayers. He even fights against Tanjiro at one point after he’s stood on the girl Tanjiro is protecting and Tanjiro has thrown him off.


As a final nice touch to the episode we learn that the main demon in the house was one of Kibutsuji’s numbered demons, with the mark in the eye and everything, but he was thrown out because he couldn’t grow any more. This leads to the crow explaining about rare blood types and delicious humans before Tanjiro goes for the confrontation with the demon.

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There isn’t a lot to complain about with this episode. The dark house full of rooms and corridors that change to the beat of a drum makes for an interesting enough setting for a tense show down and while the story is left unresolved, with three demons and three demon slayers it would have felt fairly rushed if we’d finished everything within the space of this episode.

I get the impression we’ll see this scene a lot from Zenitsu.

However, is Nezuko going to get into the house or is she sitting the whole sitatuation out in her box? More importantly, if she gets into the house, will one of the other demon slayers try and kill her?

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episode 9


He’s Got Some Moves

Demon Slayer - Tanjiro attacks

Demon Slayer Episode 9

We may have slipped into even more standard shounen territory this week on Demon Slayer as the battle with the two demons extends the length of the episode and we end with the battle as yet unresolved. Not that it was bad. In fact, the fight has been pretty interesting so far and some of Tanjiro’s attacks are bordering on spectacular even if they’ve yet to actually do significant damage.


One criticism I will make of the episode is the amount of reused sequences. We get a flashback to them discussing collecting demon blood and a replay of a sequence within the same episode. Not to mention the opening sequence is essentially a replay of the end of the previous episode. While the new material we got looked great, there was definitely some padding in this episode that just didn’t sit right and definitely felt like a cost cutting measure.


However, petty criticisms aside, it was difficult not to get swept up in the fight this week. As Tanjiro, Nezuko, and the demon doctor and her body guard go from cowering from attacks and getting beaten down to moving onto the attack. Even knowing three out of the four of them are demons and can regenerate, there’s still substantial weight behind the situation as characters lose heads and limbs alike (though they are going to have to explain why losing his whole head didn’t kill him).


As for Tanjiro, he’s being pushed harder than ever before (not that previous battles have been easy). He’s pulling out all the moves he’s got and for once his sense of smell showing him the winning move didn’t decisively and more or less instantly end the battle. Equally, he hasn’t pulled out some new secret move or gotten a mysterious power up. He’s combining the skills he’s shown the audience he has in new ways to fight a foe more powerful than any he has faced and while he’s taken a battering he isn’t down yet.


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I do love the water effects when he’s fighting though. Early on it seemed a little odd and slightly intrusive, but honestly it is beautiful and makes his attacks so much more dynamic and interesting to watch. Plus they continue to change up how he uses these attacks allowing for a variety of appealing visuals.

Nezuko and Tanjiro - Demon Slayer

The fight goes on and while I am still hoping this doesn’t end up being the kind of show that drags on fights for episodes at a time, there’s very little to complain about in this episode other than the fact that the fight is yet to resolve and a little too much repetition in between spectacular attacks.

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Review Episodes 3 + 4


The training and the test sequence.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4

Episode 3

Training episode. I could probably leave the review at that. We’re going to see Tanjiro run, jump, swing a sword, get beaten down, get up again, and so on and so forth. Training episodes are all much the same regardless of the anime they are a part of.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3

To be honest though, this episode really highlighted how little impact Tanjiro has a protagonist. While there was nothing wrong with this episode, and formulaic training episodes are part and parcel of the genre, there was also nothing to cling to during the episode because his character just doesn’t really have any character. Or at least not a particularly interesting one.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3

It also seems way too convenient to the narrative that Nezuko is sleeping during the whole training period. I wonder if the writer didn’t know what to do with her while Tanjiro trained, but it just seems really ridiculous that for nearly two years she is sleeping while he gets stronger. It would have been different if she’d been injured or something in the previous episode and it took a length of time for her to recover, but even then there’s a limit to how long someone can conveniently be unconscious.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3
I kind of had to wonder why the old guy hadn’t done this, but then again, he didn’t really want Tanjiro to take the test so maybe it makes sense.

On the bright side, I’m curious as to what Tanjiro will do now that the training sequence is done with. Clearly he needs to still pass the special test to actual become a demon slayer but  I wonder if we’ll go straight to that or if something more interesting  might happen first. I’m kind of hoping for something more interesting because this episode was pretty ordinary to say the least with the only point of real interest being the two kids who show up to help him slice the boulder.

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Episode 4

There’s definitely a few staples of shounen stories and Kimetsu no Yaiba is stepping us through each and every one of them. For those who desire novelty in their entertainment, this isn’t going to work at all as we’ve gone through the standard call to arms, finding a mentor, training, and now the first test sequence, but honestly Demon Slayer isn’t doing too bad of a job at delivering this story.  

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4

Where the plot might be dismissed as cliché and each step is pretty much a standard stepping stone, the pace has been pretty quick as we’ve covered all these steps in four episodes rather than stretching out a training sequence over an entire arc, and realistically each episode has been well enough executed in its own way, though episode 3 is still the low point so far.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4

In keeping with standard shounen trappings though, this episode begins by replaying the final exchange between Tanjiro and the fox-masked boy. This type of replay of a battle that has taken place at the end of an episode is actually one of my pet hates of the genre. Worse than a recap at the start of an episode. Mostly because it eats episode time and somehow implies that within seven days I forgot the pivotal climax of the previous episode. Throw in the idea that our protagonist Tanjiro claims he can smell the winning strike and I just have to wonder how far they were reaching to try and find any novel trait to give him.

Oh, and I almost forgot this anime’s obsession with foreshadowing something that happens like a minute later. Old guy warns Tanjiro of demons who eat lots of humans and transform their bodies and guess what Tanjiro runs into on the exam?

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4
It is good to have goals.

Despite those complaints though, this was another fun enough episode to watch. From the warm mentor/student moments before Tanjiro sets out to the exam, to seeing Tanjiro fight post-training sequence against two demons, there was more than enough going on and nothing really lingered past its welcome. Even the giant, taunting demon fight was completed fairly quickly and even if we learn next week it isn’t quite dead yet (I guess that’s possible), it doesn’t feel like they are going to stretch these fights for episodes as some less reserved stories might.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4

So far, Kimetsu no Yaiba has remained just interesting enough for me to enjoy it even as I pick at the more obvious genre elements and wonder just where this intends to go. If nothing else, at least Tanjiro isn’t a shouting protagonist because shouting shounen protagonist is now a trope I will not put up with after dealing with Asta in Black Clover for only 12 episodes before pulling the plug.

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Up Close With Sebastian Michaelis


It was probably only a matter of time before I decided to focus one of these posts on Sebastian. Given he’s already had his own top 5 list because I just love his character so much. But what is it about him that is so great?

Firstly there’s his voice. The Japanese version is voiced by Daisuke Ono and seriously I fell absolutely in love with that voice. It is just the perfect mix of threatening, seductive and playful all in one and he delivers some absolutely fantastic lines. Honestly, I’d happily just listen to that voice all day. Which made it a little bit hard for J Michael Tatum, the English voice actor, to really win me over and to be honest, despite delivering a great performance, I actually will not watch Black Butler in English because Sebastian just doesn’t sound right (in honesty he sound better in English given it is actually set in England, but to be perfectly honest I just fell in love with the original and just couldn’t get used to Sebastian sounding different).


In terms of appearance Sebastian is no slouch either. Period Victorian butler style really suits him even if the historical accuracy of a lot of the clothing is highly questionable throughout the entire anime. Still, his coat and tails suit him admirably, and I could have screamed when one of the characters told him he looked like a crow and shouldn’t wear it. I don’t know, he just looks incredibly together and elegant.

However, it is Sebastian’s very personality that really sells him as a character. Whether he is possessively protecting and watching over Ciel, or kind of messing with him, Sebastian is always good fun to watch. He is fairly brazen in a lot of his actions not really seeking to hide his demonic nature and his oft said catch phrase really just sums him up beautifully.

sebastian one hell of a butler

He’s also incredibly playful. Though he plays with a lot of his victims the way a cat would play with a bird or a mouse so I’m pretty sure Sebastian is the only one having fun in those instances.

There are so many things that are just right about Sebastian. Including his use of cutlery and other unconventional weaponry. I love when he sighs at being put behind schedule or when the other servants, in an effort to help, have created more work for him. There is something inherently funny about a demon feeling put upon by humans and household chores.


Still, if he was just an overpowered bully, Sebastian wouldn’t be the great character that he is. He has a very weird personal code that seems self-imposed providing some limitations to his actions and lines he will not cross. As such he finds himself put upon by mundane actions and requests as well as the whims of Ciel when Ciel is in a mood to play his own games.

There are also the more nuanced moments of his character. Such as when Ciel’s life was in danger and Sebastian didn’t go to help him knowing another human was about to intervene. The human died and Ciel slapped Sebastian for failing. Yet, in Sebastian’s eyes he had upheld his contract as Ciel was perfectly fine due to the intervention of the other human.


Also, the final sequence of season one where we see Sebastian rowing Ciel down the river before sitting him on the chair and leaning in is one of those truly perfect moments (one of the many reasons I dislike season two given it kind of kills the impact of the sequence). Watching the complex relationship of Sebastian and Ciel reach this moment is a wonderful experience and few relationships are so clearly defined as this one becomes.

All and all, Sebastian Michaelis is just an amazing character to watch and one that I fell in love with from the first episode of Black Butler.


So, do you love Sebastian’s character? If yes, I’d love to know what your favourite moment with Sebastian Michaelis is?

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Another Cute Girls Beat Demon With A Time-Warp Twist

Endro - Post Title Image

Endro! Episode 1 Review

We see to be swimming in stories that take place after a final battle in recent times, though here’s a twist… they went back in time to before they beat the villain and the villain has gone back to but remembers that final battle. It all sounds kind of cool and fun and then we realise it is a slice of life story featuring a quartet of cute girls with the demon being transformed into a loli teacher for whatever reason.

Endro Episode 1

If we find out at the end that the only reason the heroes get strong enough to defeat the demon lord is because the demon lord was the one who trained them (though technically she’s trying to get them expelled), I’m probably going to be really annoyed at this.

Endro! Episode 1

All and all though, the first episode is pleasant. The characters are cute without becoming annoying and so far we haven’t had any random boob groping or the like (though we did get some ear nibbling and sleep talk plus the outfits of a couple of these girls are reminiscent of the uniforms in Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor).

Endro Episode 1

What might get annoying is the demon as the loli teacher. While she has the potential to be quite interesting as the only one aware of the time travel and what happened when the heroes confronted the demon lord, so far she’s kind of petty and pathetic and her schemes are transparent and juvenile. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to like here but she’s certainly the weakest link for me so far.

While I’m not 100% sold on this one if it comes down to a choice this season of watching this or Ueno-San I will definitely pick this without hesitation.

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Castlevania Season 2 Series Review: Oh Look, We Got The End Of The Season

Castlevania Season 2 Promotional Image

I mentioned repeatedly in my season 1 review of this that it really wasn’t a season. It was a taste test. A preview or introduction to a series that hadn’t been fully made before release. Here, with the so called season 2, we get the rest of the season bringing the total episode count now to 12 which is pretty much a standard season. So other than a prolonged gap during which time I forgot most of the pertinent details forcing me to rewatch the first four episodes before getting into this, was there any real purpose to this? All I can figure is that they really weren’t sure of their market and wouldn’t commit the resources but that’s a really terrible way to deliver a story as all it really did was make the faults of this second season more apparent.

See, there’s a flow to stories. When you get caught up in them, it is easy to miss small details or to stop yourself from asking hard questions or picking at the edges to see what falls out. But once the story has had a jarring pause and you’ve had months plus a rewatch to contemplate, it is much harder to become immersed in the world. Particularly when the series itself seems to be doing everything possible to stop you.

Castlevania Season 2 Camilla and Hector

Now, that isn’t to say Castlevania is bad. Because, it actually is quite a fun little romp of a story provided the copious blood and guts being splashed around aren’t a problem and the clear sequel bait endings for the surviving cast members doesn’t annoy. If this had come out in a solid chunk and I’d binged the 12 episodes altogether, I’d have had an absolute blast and while I still probably would have noted a few of the flaws, I don’t think I would have been as disappointed.

I was going to try to start positive but I realised that every positive I have for this season comes with a caveat so we’re just going to have to wade right in and hope we don’t sink.

If you like your blood and violence (and if you made it through the first four episodes the answer to that is probably yes), then season 2 is going to deliver. However, there’s a different kind of feel to it. Whereas season 1 had kind of a cruel humour with its demons running from the city carrying an infant (the excess of this imagery just made it more amusing than horrific and maybe that’s saying something terrible about me) and Trevor’s whip cracking removing eyes and the like. It was excessive but fun. It was almost pushing things to the absurdist level as it rained fire and blood down upon the masses. Season 2 sadly lacks any of this kind of edge and instead we are left with vampires tearing through small packs of fleeing humans and a few fights between various demons and Trevor, Sypha and Alucard. These conflicts are still bloody but nowhere near the same level as the city slaughtering madness that the first four episodes threw at us.

Castlevania Season 2 Trevor

And that seems to be a reoccurring theme of season 2. We get more of things given there are more episodes, but at the same time it is less. There’s less impact, less care, and generally less involvement. The church that was such a threat in season one gets some mentions but otherwise are completely absent from the conflict. The vampires spend more time squabbling amongst themselves inside the castle and Trevor, Sypha and Alucard spend an inordinate amount of time investigating the museum that is Trevor’s family vault. With the three main groups separated for vast spans of time (and the church more or less vanishing) there’s a lot of waiting for things to get moving. It doesn’t help that the vampires barely attack anything during the run of the eight episodes here so unless you are fresh on the memory of season one you may not even really remember why we should care about Dracula’s whole kill all the humans plan.

But, we’ve just gotten to my big issue with this second season. Dracula. In season one, the time we spent with him was not great but it was well used time. They built up a very strong impression of this character who was literally larger than life. His love for his wife, his fury at her loss, the pain he felt and his anger being distributed amongst the masses in a slaughter that wasn’t justified but understandable. Here, well Dracula is just a hollow shell waiting to be killed (as more than one character points out). There’s a clever line from Alucard about this whole massacre thing just being a really long suicide note, and he’s right but that just kind of makes Dracula’s character seem even more hollow. The fire and fury is gone and we never even got to see it fade. We went from this extraordinary and imposing menace to the guy who spent nearly eight episodes sitting in his chair staring at the fireplace and occasionally having one on one chats with the various minions who were all scheming around him as he sat more or less oblivious or indifferent.

Castlevania Season 2 Dracula

Perhaps if we’d seen this transition and the slow loss of his connection to the war he started and the drive he had, it might have played out more emotionally. However, the transition happened off screen. One season we see him in one form and now here he is a different and much less interesting one.

They do fill a lot of the screen time with his followers though. The majority of the vampire characters are either glorified extras or just annoying, with Camilla being a notable exception. That said, her character remains more or less on the side of things and ultimately hers is a story unresolved so there’s little satisfaction to be found in this one. Also, her sudden swearing at various points might have been amusing but it kind of seemed vastly out of character for her (plenty of other characters swear and that’s fine, but it just sounded so wrong coming from Camilla – and not just because she was female but rather because it seemed like it didn’t fit with the rest of her persona). The two human generals Dracula acknowledges could have both been interesting but instead they come off as fairly cheap characters with contrasting ends just for the sake of it.

It might be fair to say that none of these characters left an impression, except that even when they are just stuffing around in a library, Trevor and Sypha have real chemistry and the addition of Alucard’s comments and provocations actually just worked really well. Every moment spent with the main group (and admittedly, there weren’t enough moments spent with them) was purely fun and once the fighting started things got very good very quickly. It’s just a shame that there’s so much down time focusing on things that aren’t really all that interesting first.

Sypha - Castlevania

I mean, there are questions about Sypha’s seemingly unlimited magical reserves and Trevor not being totally dead because even though he’s from a family of monster hunters he is actually a human, and Alucard just kind of does whatever because apparently half-vampire means worse than a full vampire though how that works is unclear… but none of this matters. This group is awesome fun. Let’s see more of them.

All and all, watching both season 1 and 2 of Castlevania together won’t be a bad watch. There’s plenty to enjoy – again though with a warning about the blood and gore, it is definitely a feature. However, this isn’t something that is unmissable and it probably won’t be remembered for long. But hey, whips, swords, magic, vampire killing… It is all good fun just remember not to ask too many questions.

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