Eight Months and Welcome to the New Year


First up, congratulations we made it to 2017. Hopefully everyone had a great night welcoming the new year, made their resolutions and at least made it until sunrise before breaking them.

Seriously though, later today (18:00 WordPress time whatever that actually is) my final list on best and worst anime from 2016 will be posted and included in that post is the result of the reader poll I did during December. I can honestly say I was surprised by some of the votes and totally not surprised by others but it is the reader’s choice on that one.

So how did December go?

Not too bad. I’ve now made it eight months and consistently posted everyday (usually three posts) and I have a reasonable routine for reading blogs at this point. Mostly I’m just having a lot of fun writing about anime and talking with others.

Other than my 1 year anniversary I am going to stop counting months now, but I will do a reflections post on the first of each month just to look back at how things are going.

Hopefully, some of you will be awake and check out my post later on the best and worst of 2016 and otherwise I hope everyone has a very interesting new year and let’s hope for some quality anime (and peace on Earth and stuff). Or, why not wish for that shoulder dragon and an endless supply of chocolate. Okay, realistic New Year wish… Find a way to make someone smile everyday.