3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

So this is the end of the 3 day challenge. If you missed days 1 and 2 (book quotes and movie quotes) you should definitely check them out. Today I'm sharing 3 of my favourite anime quotes to end the challenge. I'm not nominating anyone but if you want to take part the challenge is … Continue reading 3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 3

Death Parade Series Review

Overview: A man and a woman wake up in a bar. They don't know how they got there, they can't leave, and the bartender is just a little bit unnerving. Then the bartender announces that they will need to play a game. Thus begins Death Parade. Review: Given the nature of the series, it is … Continue reading Death Parade Series Review

Words of Wisdom

Another week and another round of anime wisdom for the ages. No theme this week, just some random quotes that I felt were worth noting. Firstly from Zero/Lelouch. Essentially don't dish it out if you aren't willing to take it. Eru from Hyouka, who is such a bundle of positivity most of the time, actually … Continue reading Words of Wisdom

Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters With Convenient Missing Memories

Tuesday's Top 5

It's an overused plot device, a cliché, and a cheap way to build a big reveal into a story, and it's a staple in far too many anime. That said, not every story built around amnesia (or every character with convenient amnesia) is all that bad. Sometimes this well established storyline is delivered well and … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters With Convenient Missing Memories

Words of Wisdom