Days Episode Thoughts – A Viewer’s Journey In Watching A Non-Athlete Learn Soccer

Days Episodic Thoughts

Days is pretty much the story of two characters playing soccer together. One is supremely talented and the other has never played before and isn't all that fit. That said, apparently all it takes is heart and effort because this is a feel good kind of story. Here are my Days Episode thoughts.

Days Series Review – Sport Anime About Not Giving Up And Friendship and Stuff

Days Episode 18

Days is a pretty generic sports anime with a kid who has never played a sport joining a team and then working real hard. In the crowded field of sports anime, Days probably isn't going to really get much attention but this series does have a lot of heart. Be sure to read the full review.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016

Tuesday's Top 5

2016 was a great year for anime and while I don't really ever intend just to do a list of top 5 characters ever I kind of feel I can pick a favourite from a single year. Much like my reflections post, this one is entirely my own opinion so feel free to add your … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016