30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 9

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Onto Day 9 and this challenge is a lot harder than I expected. I mean, I post every day anyway and given I was going away it seemed like doing the challenge would be a nice way to get some daily content while I wasn’t able to watch streaming anime. But having a predetermined topic and having to stick things in sequence is a new experience for me given I normally have quite a bit of flexibility and move things around at will.


Anyway, anime with the best soundtrack. Honestly, it is probably something like Baccano or similar but I’m not big on music. It either fits the show or it doesn’t and other than the opening itself, I’m unlikely to pay a huge amount of attention unless the music is jarring or brilliant. The only anime soundtrack I can actually say I love is the Sailor Moon soundtrack (English). And that’s probably because I first heard it when  I was a kid and still into music but this is a soundtrack I actually bought on a CD and listened to endlessly. Now a version of it is on my phone mixed in with all my other music.

There was just something very catchy about the songs from Sailor Moon and given how much I loved the series it seemed fairly likely I was going to fall in love with the music.

That was a fairly lame answer so please tell me what your favourite anime soundtrack is.

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