30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 29

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We’ve made it to Day 29 and we’re looking for my highest rated anime. This is going to be tricky given I do not actually use a rating system of any description. Still, if I narrow down my options by eliminating anime I know aren’t particularly well animated or well written but I just enjoy because they are fun… then I just need to eliminate all of the stories that are pretty much cookie cutter copies of every other story… narrowing it down. What about eliminating any story that has a character that just makes me face palm every time they appear on screen…

And I’ve got it!

Okay, I already know people are going to disagree with this choice but that’s okay given this is my choice.

I’m going to go with: March Comes in Like a Lion.

I was seriously tempted to go with Evangelion but to be honest, the convoluted story line and the symbolism that just goes a bit crazy at times kind of killed it. March Comes in Like a Lion is:

  • Beautiful to look at.
  • Filled with complex and fairly interesting characters.
  • Has a basic plot but is character driven.
  • Combines music and visuals beautifully to set the tone for the show.
  • Has a fairly strong emotional impact on the audience.
  • And is still kind of fun to watch.

I’d love to know your highest rated anime so please leave a comment below. We’re almost at the end of the challenge and I am almost back to start doing seasonal reviewing again.

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