30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 24

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Day 24 – I love a good antagonist. That said, anime has some pretty terrible villains scattered throughout the many series so thinking about the best one is taking some effort. The obvious choice would be Makishima from Psycho Pass. He’s fantastic but I’m not 100% convinced he fits the role of antagonist (though that’s definitely a thought for another day when I have far more time).


This would actually be easier if it was just best villain rather than antagonist.

Okay, I’m going to go with Zoisite from Sailor Moon. Unlike so many other Sailor Moon mid-level villains, Zoisite actually seemed to really hate the scouts at times and that mocking laughter after getting the better of the scouts was fairly grating even to the audience. Realistically, Zoisite was a better antagonist opposite Tuxedo Mask and the two of them had some great moments on screen together, you know until Zoisite stabbed him in the back and was then killed by Beryl. Minor detail.


I know that was a weird choice but finding a truly antagonistic anime character who isn’t just an over the top overpowered villain is kind of hard. I’d love to know who you would pick.

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