30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22

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I knew we’d get to an easy one eventually and Day 22 gives it to me. Day 22: Favourite romantic couple. This one is an easy guess for me and that is Shirayuki and Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair. A close runner up would be Sawako and Kazehayo from Kimi ni Todoke (and Kimi ni Todoke is my favourite romantic anime) but as a couple Shirayuki and Zen are just all kinds of sweet.

shirayuki and zen

I think what I like about Shirayuki and Zen the most is that neither one is a broken character being fixed or healed by the other. They are both hard working and generally nice individuals who just happened to find one another. They bring out the best in one another and support each other, lending a hand when needed, but neither one is ‘saving’ the other from anything as they probably both would have found their way if left to their own devices.


Seriously, cutest couple ever.

Over to you. Who is your favourite romantic couple?

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