30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 12

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Day 12: Best ending to an anime.

Anime is notorious for ending very poorly. So many stories end without resolution asking us to either read the manga, play the game, or wait for a sequel that will never come. So basically, any anime that actually ends is pretty good.

Still, best ending?

I’d have to give it to season 1 of Black Butler. I kind of felt that was the perfect end. Ciel had finally gotten his revenge and had resolved to hand his soul over to Sebastian. Not to mention he was dying anyway. They rowed down a river together musing about his life and getting a few flash backs before they arrived on the island. They had a touching conversation and then Sebastian moved in to finalise the contract where the show ended.


For a story about a boy out to punish those who hurt his family and his pride and willing to sell his soul to do so, this is pretty much the only ending that is going to make sense. It was kind of perfect. Season 2 managed to destroy this moment and that’s probably the reason I dislike season 2 so much.

What is your favourite anime ending?

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