30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

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Day 1 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. I’m kind of excited and kind of worried at the same time. The issue of course will be my cheating horrendously when I get to questions I don’t want to answer or don’t have an answer for but pretty much I’m going to make myself actually answer even if I give multiple answers.

Now, I’m leaving these posts for while I’m away so I am going to have answered all of the questions prior to this post actually coming out. That said, this has turned out to be more challenging than expected. I post everyday anyway and I thought this would just be a nice way to have topics for while I was not watching current anime but it turns out that when someone else picks the topic it is harder to write the post.

But onto Day 1 of the challenge. Now the easy answer for an anime I want to watch would be everything. I want to at least try every anime and I know that isn’t possible. Of course I’d have the same answer for books, movies, TV shows, any kind of story. I want to at least try it even if I don’t get very far just for the sake of saying I did try and for uncovering some of those hidden gems that I might otherwise never know about. But I’m not cheating this early in the challenge.


Really, my answer at the moment would probably be Scum’s Wish or The King’s Avatar given neither have come out where I can watch them yet. Still, my watch list was crazy long at the start of this year so I actually tossed the list and started over just listing anime that were recommended to me this year and the list is already crazy long again. The thing is, I seldom get to anime on the watch list because there’s always something new coming out or something I just kind of stumble upon and end up watching. So the list really does just keep getting longer and longer.

So, my answer to this would change on any given day, but I’d love to know what anime you want to watch.

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