Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

Wait what, two episodes!! How is that fair?!?. I can hardly make reasonable posts for one episode now tow!!!! And I bet you can imagine what this did to my screencaps post! Phfffth...two episodes. Who does that?! Am I the only one who really liked it? What I Thought Would Happen Well, I certainly didn't … Continue reading Fire Force Episode 23 & 24 – 12 Years Ago

Fire Force Episode 22 – Kill ’em With Kindness

I think these last few episodes of Fire Force should really have been watched in one sitting. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying them individually but I feel like they are telling one integral bit of story, almost like a single scene. You can see it in the visuals, I have my gallery post … Continue reading Fire Force Episode 22 – Kill ’em With Kindness

Fire Force Episode 21 – Like a Moth to a Flame

The end of the season is really sneaking up on me. Not that Fire Force is over or anything, but I just wrote a bunch of final episode reviews and I'm sort of still surprised about it.This said Fire Force is also rearing up to its climax.

Fire Force Episode 20 – A Shooting War

Fire Force Episode 19 – In The Mouth of Madness

Fire Force Episode 18 – Revisiting Old Friends

Fire Force Episode 17 – Fated Encounter

Fire Force Episode 16 – The Impossible Dream

Fire Force Episode 15 – Drought

Fire Force Episode 14 – The King of Asakusa