Darwin’s Game Episode 6 Review

Darwin6 Episode

For the last time, why does anime think CPR is in any way romantic? I cannot stand this trope. Anyway, Darwin's Game continues to be mediocre with a few interesting moments as the Shibuya event continues.

Darwin’s Game Episode 4 Review

Darwin4 Episode

A showdown between Kaname and the Florist dominates episode 4 though there's some moments of intrigue for the curious. Still, Darwin's Game is what it is and I don't think it is going to improve at this point.

Darwin’s Game Episode 2 Review

Darwin2 Episode

Episode 2 confirms the worst suspicions about Dawin's Game as we continue to have a plot that has no interest in enlightening the viewer or even suggesting that there's a reason for anything and characters who act inconsistently. All and all this is one title that looks to remain consistently trash for the season yet if you're okay with that it might still be semi-enjoyable.

Darwin’s Game Episode 1 Review

Darwin1 Episode

Double opening episodes can be quite effective when done right but here it just felt like the time was dragging. Which is kind of a shame because in twenty minutes the content delivered here could have been reasonably interesting but instead they gave the viewer plenty of time to think about all the things this anime could have done better. Darwin's Game isn't dead in the water just yet but I'm not expecting much from it.