18if Episodes 2 + 3: Good Witch, Bad Witch, Whichever…


Review Episode 2:

This episode is kind of an interesting follow up to episode 1. In episode 1, you didn’t know who the people were the witch was playing with or whether there were any real world consequences. Essentially she was just playing house in dream land and there wasn’t really any need on the part of the audience to get invested. This episode makes it clear that at least this witch is having a very real impact on the real world.


Note, avoid if you are squeamish about death, dismemberment or blood. As none of these put me off in the slightest, I found the story interesting as I found the show’s very heavy handed attempt at establishing moral ambiguity for the central character. It works, but we don’t know enough about him (and is he actually permanently in the dream world or not) to really care about his colourful moral choices and the way he chooses to resolve the crisis.

I liked this. It isn’t great viewing but it kind of fits for popcorn viewing. Hopefully episode 3 can be equally interesting.

Review Episode 3:

This changes things up a bit (most notably the colour scheme) as we enter the dream of a girl who becomes a witch (which seems like it should be a big deal but apparently isn’t in this case) and then Haruto gets his heart broken (though how serious he was in the first place is still undetermined).


First episode played with split screens and eye jarring colour schemes, the second episode dove us straight into a red and black toned world of gore, and the third takes us to a washed out world of a sick girl before transitioning to a more vibrant colour scheme. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


It would be lovely to know though why only girls become witches in the dream world, why Haruto is wandering around in dream land, who Lily actually is, and whether there was some overall plot here or if we really are just drifting from dream to dream so Haruto can save all the lonely girls from their nightmares.

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The Laughing Salesman Episode 1



So we have a salesman who helps fulfill people’s wishes and we all know how that is going to end.



I checked this episode out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. The art is hideous and the animation questionable, the plot extremely predictable, and the episode being split into two different stories meant very limited characterisation. Really, there is little to recommend this but the format reminds me of those old TV shows where we meet someone with a weakness or a vice and grant them a wish with horrific results over and over again. Maybe this will do something more and develop the salesman or maybe it will remain strictly episodic; either way I’ll give it a few more episodes because it was enjoyable enough. Plus the opening theme is kind of entertaining which is more than I can say for most of the first episodes I’ve watched this week.

The Laughing Salesman is available on Crunchyroll.

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