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Onto day three of the 12 Days of Anime and today we shift our focus from a side character who deserves more (Shimada) to a Princess in a harem comedy anime. Her character shouldn’t work anywhere near as well as it did but that is part of what makes her memorable.

Ani Inako from Dame x Prince Anime Caravan takes centre stage for Day 3 of our 12 Days of Anime.

Dame X Prince Anime Caravan Episode 2 Ani

Ani is a female protagonist at the centre of a harem of Princes in a parody that doesn’t quite land its mark as often as it should. She’s regularly covered in pink with a flower in her hair, she’s a Princess of her people with a male knight who is also probably into her, and everything about her screams we’ve seen this character before moving on. 

And that assessment isn’t really wrong, but it isn’t really right. Ani is quite the caustic and grounded young lady. She’s happy as a Princess and not trying to evade responsibilities or moaning about it, but she’s also someone who gets in and helps her people in the fields or whatever else needs to happen. Her reactions to each of the excessively pampered and very silly Princes are fairly priceless and she’s generally great fun to follow around.

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan Episode 4

However, she isn’t just the sarcastic one-line character. Ani does work hard to connect with the Princes and to help them through their problems. Part of this is her own protagonist nature that generally compels main characters to be sticky beaks and get involved (in order for the plot not to screech to a halt) and the other part is that she’s a practical young lady and these princes are the people she will need to deal with as a Queen. They are essential to the survival of her country and so personal views or not, she isn’t about to burn any bridges, though I would have forgiven her if she’d tried to drown Narek.

Dame X Prince Anime Caravan Episode 2

All and all, I really liked Ani’s character. While I might have liked a strong anime overall, I still feel hers is a character worth remembering and I’m really glad I followed her on her journey.

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