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Endro Episode 3 Review

The girls are excited to be getting some practical quest experience from the guild and while at first I wasn’t overly excited (the story about the horned gorilla put me to sleep as much as the rest of Seira’s party), this episode actually managed to be pretty cute and charming. I don’t want to make assumptions, but Mao’s absence was conspicuous and as her plots, plans and laugh have been one of my least favourite parts of the show it now seems that the anime is significantly better without her presence.

Endro Episode 3 Cat Quest

While the episode is largely built around the ongoing gag of the characters getting the quest of finding a cat multiple days in a row, they manage to keep this fairly entertaining without lingering. By the time they finally get a non-cat finding quest they are actually surprised, but then they run into a young girl who has lost a cat and they go right back to searching for cats.

Endro Episode 3 The Hero Team

It is all just a bit of pastel coloured silliness but the bouncing dialogue between the girls, the short fight sequences, and the scene changes work well enough to keep this episode moving along. I definitely enjoyed it more this week than last though I don’t know that all that much happened.

Endro Episode 3 Cat Retrieved

Realistically, this anime still isn’t really something I’d rush to recommend or watch in the future, but if the episodes remained like this it could be some pleasant fluff for the season.

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