Top 5 Creepy Anime OP’s and ED’s

Top 5 OP and ED

Continuing with the spooky October theme this week I’m counting down my favourite creepy anime OP’s and ED’s. These may or may not belong to creepy anime but the music certainly fits a horror story. As always I’d love to know your choices so if you have a favourite creepy OP or ED be sure to share it in the comments below.

Number 5 – From the Edge (ED from Demon Slayer)

There’s not a lot to say with this one and I’m sure most of you have been listening to it for the past six months. While the visuals are relatively optimistic from the opening notes to the undertones of the song, I found this one relatively creepy and when closing my eyes I could imagine a much darker horror story playing out around this music.

Number 4 – Ghost Hunt Main Theme

Visually this one is probably the least spectacular on the list but in terms of atmosphere it has definitely hit the right mark. Despite it being relatively dull to look at I don’t think I’ve ever skipped the OP when watching Ghost Hunt as it really just sets the mood absolutely perfectly. It’s one of those times where I feel if they ever rebooted the series or made a continuation they would have to get this music again.

Number 3 – Still Doll (ED From Vampire Knight)

From an anime that definitely isn’t creepy despite the presence of vampires, unless you find the main character’s relationships shiver worthy, Vampire Knight gives us an ED that is both compelling and unnerving. This is another one of those songs I never skipped and is one of the few anime songs I learned the lyrics to in Japanese because I just find it really great to listen to (not that I can actually hit all the notes). Still, it is one of my favourite creepy anime songs.

Number 2 – Magia (ED from Madoka Magica)

Considering some of the themes and decisions characters had to make in Madoka Magica, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the music in it was quite dark. Where both Ghost Hunt and Vampire Knight go for a more quiet and contemplative take to build unease, Madoka manages to bring the fully creepy while still seeming upbeat and driving. It is one of those songs that just perfectly catches a mood and a tone and fits its anime absolutely perfectly.

Number 1 – Naraku no Hana (OP from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai)

I absolutely loved this OP the first time I saw it. I remember I saw this as part of a You Tube compilation video and tracked down the anime from there. Which also explains how I managed to watch Kai before the first season because I didn’t actually realise it was a sequel. That said, this opening gives us the full package of creepy music and visuals. Sure there’s moments of brightness and happiness but there’s a lot of fairly dark imagery underpinning this opening as well and it has definitely earned its place at the top of my list.

Over to you: Which anime OP’s and ED’s do you think are the creepiest whether the anime they are attached to are scary or not?

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Characters That Creep Me Out

Tuesday's Top 5

Here we are and it is October and this year I’m going to be running Halloween themed top 5’s all month long (not that Halloween is actually a thing where I live but any excuse to dust off some of my favourite anime and characters). Starting out with this list of anime characters that creep me out. Or that I just find disturbing or unsettling for whatever reason.

I will admit, it was a tough list to narrow down but I’m pretty happy with the final list. But as always I would love my readers to join in the fun and share their top 5 creepy character lists in the comments below. Hopefully you like my list.

Who made the list of anime characters that creep me out?

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions: Miki (Parasyte) and Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul).

Number 5: The Millennium Earl (D Gray Man)

The Millennium Earl - D Gray Man
Here is one of the anime characters that creep me out.

Look, the guy has a permanent smile that is almost bigger than his head and the deals he offers people are worse than any deal you could make with the devil. He’s responsible for so much misery and pain and he does it all with that ridiculous grin and a laugh. This is a character that was inevitably going to creep me out.

So many characters claim they are going to destroy the world but I actually came to believe the Millennium Earl would eventually succeed in D Gray Man and given the story isn’t finished let’s just say he’s currently winning.

Number 4: Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

I probably don’t need to explain why I consider Hisoka a creepy customer but right from the first time he graced the screen in Hunter x Hunter he left me unsettled. He’s a little bit violent, a little bit sadistic, gets way too in to his pursuits, and seems to be entirely indifferent to any kind of moral code outside of his own.

That and his fixation with Gon at times is very creepy. Still, I’m thinking if I ever end up in an anime world and see someone who even looks vaguely like Hisoka coming I’m running for it (not that it will do me much good mind you, but it might make me feel better).


Number 3: Urado (Ghost Hunt)


Probably not a well known character given Ghost Hunt isn’t the most popular anime out there, but while most of the ghost stories the characters encounter in the various arcs are more interesting than scary Urado is one character who could definitely leave you with nightmares. And he undeniably is an anime character that creeps me out.

That’s probably because unlike so many of the other stories, Urado seems to be based off of tales of real life figures like Elizabeth Bathory and the like so with a more familiar context, and a lot of blood, Urado managed to really get under my skin for the brief time he was in the story.

Number 2: Megumi (Shiki)

Shiki - Megumi

No surprise Megumi from Shiki made the list. When we’re talking about anime characters that creep me out Megumi is definitely right up there.

It isn’t that I’m actually scared by Megumi, but there’s that scene where she slides out from under the bed and no matter how many times you watch it, it is still unbelievably creepy. That and Megumi is just so incredibly malicious in the way she attacks people as a vampire. She well and truly earned her number two spot.

Number 1: The Colossal Titan


Right, so future revelations in the story may have reduced the impact, but The Colossal Titan appearing behind the wall was one of those moments where you just kind of stared at your screen and froze. Such a perfect opening act for Attack on Titan really.

They really just nailed the perfect combination of factors to make this character someone who would lodge in your memory and haunt your dreams well and truly after watching the episode. For me, no other titan since has had as much impact, not even that insanely creepy smiling one.

So yes, The Colossal Titan in their first appearance tops my list of anime characters that creep me out.

What anime characters creep you out?

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