Cop Craft Review Episodes 10 – 12


On the bright side, Cop Craft comes full circle with Tilarna and Kei facing off with Zelada in this final arc allowing Kei to finally get some closure on the whole death of his previous partner (whose name was mentioned in the final episode but I've completely forgotten). Alas, this isn't enough to make this anime any more than watchable which is a shame as there was so much more potential in the premise.

Cop Craft Review Episode 9


Half an episode on the cat, half on a political candidate being killed, and I just have to wonder how much better this anime might have been with slightly stronger writing from the start. All the threads are coming in together but so many of them have been weakly established there isn't much foundation for this episode to build on.

Cop Craft Review Episode 7


It was about time Tilarna made a friend outside of Kei. What could go wrong with that? Oh, she made the friend while undercover at a brothel? And the girl she made friends with is selling information that is hindering the investigation? Yeah, this isn't going to end well.

Cop Craft Review Episode 5


Cop Craft launches us into a city wide vampire hunt this week and the episode jumps from crime scene to crime scene before Kei and Tilarna track the vampire into the mall. If you want to see a battle of guns, swords and fangs, this episode of Cop Craft has you covered and if the visuals were just a little better this could have been one very solid episode.

Cop Craft Review Episode 3


Maybe there's nothing really new here, but Cop Craft is doing a great job of establishing an anime buddy-cop dynamic. I know I want to see more.

Cop Craft Review Episode 2


It Might Be A Slow Burn But There's Definitely Something Here Cop Craft Episode 2 Cop Craft is genuinely a bit of an enigma in my watch list as it wasn’t even vaguely on my radar before the season started and I really didn’t know what to expect. The first episode wasn’t off the charts … Continue reading Cop Craft Review Episode 2

Cop Craft Review Episode 1


All The Right Notes But Still Not Singing Cop Craft Episode 1 Buddy cop story between a veteran and an alien fairy? Well I don’t mind the standard cop story and odd-couples usually work quite well for casual entertainment so I guess we’ll give this one a whirl and see what happens. The first episode … Continue reading Cop Craft Review Episode 1