Critiquing Is Not Hating – You Can Love Something and Still Critique It.


As an anime reviewer I kind of expect that people will disagree with my opinion from time to time. I also get, that even when I love an anime to pieces, I'm still going to offer a critique of it (if I can) because otherwise I'm not reviewing so much as gushing over it. What I think is fairly important for people to realise is that critiquing is not hating.

Anime Blogging Party – Psycho Pass Coversation


For those who don't know, Arthifis started the Facebook Group "Anime Blogging Party" which lets people share ideas about anime and meet other bloggers and anime fans. To help keep the conversation going, each week a new member is selected to choose an anime to start a conversation about and last week was my turn … Continue reading Anime Blogging Party – Psycho Pass Coversation