Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 2



From an action point of view, not a lot happened this episode. We probably should have expected that given how many characters are not currently geared up for a fight. Sasha, however, manages to shine. Through flashbacks of her past we learn a bit more about our food obsessed character and then we see her taken an axe to a Titan, even knowing that realistically there’s no real way for that to be effective. Still, Sasha manages well enough for someone practically unarmed and then poorly armed given the threat (and let’s just be happy there was only one Titan because otherwise this would be really hard to swallow). Eren, Levi and co get a small moment in this episode but they aren’t the focus and it is more like the show is just reminding us they exist and the final moments of the episode are given to Connie who is having a less than fantastic return to his home village. It does look like next episode is going to crank up the action a bit from the preview, but I actually really liked this episodes focus on Sasha.

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ACCA Episode 6


ACCA Episode 6 Review:

I can’t help but get into full speculation mode while watching ACCA episode 6. The Prince hanging the portrait and kind of seeing the girl in the portrait the king always looks at kind of just fuels the idea that maybe there’s a connection between the royal family and Jean. Though in addition to that there’s a lot of characters acting pretty suspiciously around Jean and I’m starting to think that none of them know what is actually going on.

acca episode 6

Mauve kind of burns Jean here and later we see she’s more or less written him off as an ally or information source, even though Jean still very much wants to help her out. However, Mauve has been tracking a coup that her own subordinates have suggested probably isn’t happening, so what is she really up to?


Jean’s work colleagues kind of manage to sum up his personality. While he is intensely focussed on details when working, he genuinely seems disinterested in people in his day to day life. As a direct result, unless he’s actually turned his attention on something specifically (such as Nino last episode), he’s prone to missing critical details. It’s an interesting facet of his personality.


And here’s Nino, back following Jean around only no longer even pretending to be subtle. He did at least adhere to Jean’s temporarily benching him and stayed with Lotta early in the episode but it seems like he’s back in business, though that leaves us wondering who he is reporting to (I’m voting for the King).

Anyway, this episode scatters its focus all over the place but these are all plot threads and characters we’ve gradually been introduced to so it isn’t overly confusing. The only real question is where are we going? All of these conversations and interactions seem to be pointing somewhere but that destination is still kind of hazy.

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ACCA Episode 3


ACCA Episode 3 Review:

Not going to lie, at three episodes in this show is definitely impressive. It impresses me how much information it can reveal about situations while saying almost nothing but leaving the potential meanings hanging for you to slot into place with previous ideas. It impresses how it can make you question everything anyone says and look at every scene and every glance with curiosity wondering which parts will become significant.

And mostly ACCA impresses me that despite the very slow pace of events, it never feels like you are waiting for something to happen. It is happening but it is bubbling beneath the surface of the sleepy and peaceful exterior which is really what a lot of the characters believe is happening in their world. On the outside it all looks unified and peaceful but beneath that there’s a potential coup d’etat gaining momentum (although that could also just be a suspicion and not a reality).

acca episode 3

Nino was a great addition to the cast though he’s now that one I am absolutely most suspicious of because I just have to wonder how many people he’s working for and what his actual objective is. Even when he seemingly has no reason to lie, he does.

For example, Nino knows exactly why Jean hasn’t quit ACCA but when the little sister asks he puts her off. There doesn’t seem any reason not to tell her this bit of information. Nino’s reporting to Groshula but he’s taking phone calls immediately after delivering that report from someone unknown and he’s also crossing paths with Mauve, accidentally or not, and he’s definitely getting cosy with Jean’s sister (though it seems the idiot Prince is also kind of infatuated with her, who knows why).


And then we have Jean and we have two choices at the moment when it comes to Jean’s character. Either he has just been pushed into the position of being the face of the conspiracy to deflect attention from the real conspirators. Maybe he really is just staying in ACCA because he’s got a crush on Mauve.

This would be an intriguing story in and of itself with a character just doing a job they don’t really like, so they can stay close to a girl, getting caught up in all this nonsense.  The other view we could take is that this is just what they want us to think and beneath that very calm exterior, Jean really is plotting something. Whether it is actually the coup or something else, who knows.

By the way, I’ll actually be disappointed if Groshula turns out to be the mastermind and not just another red-herring. Yeah, he might be trying to set his own plots into motion but its so obvious it would actually be a let down if that were the big reveal.

I just keep turning every conversation from this episode over in my head and trying to see if we have enough pieces yet to draw a conclusion. I’m really enjoying watching this despite some ongoing misgivings about how the characters move in certain scenes.

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