Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 2 Impressions

Post Sponsored by Crow's World of Anime. Fruits Basket continues to do what it does best which is make me cry and then laugh and then cry while still smiling and then leaving me wanting more even if I am an emotional wreck at the end of the episode. This final season is shaping up to be something very special. Read the full episode review and let me know what you thought of the episode.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level Episode 1 Impressions

Post sponsored by Lynn Sheridan A light novel adaptation isekai anime with an overpowered protagonist looking for the easy life... now where have I heard that premise before? But, as is always the case with these kinds of stories it isn't necessarily about new ideas so much as it is about execution. Looking at episode one of Slime 300, what did I think?

Ouran Highschool Host Club Series Review

From an anime that didn't impress me much on a first attempt to one that has a place amongst some of my most rewatched series of all time... How did Ouran Highschool Host Club win me over? Now with pod-cast.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Series Review

What's an ousted Devil to do when stuck in Japan with minimal magic and no proven way home? Why he needs to find a new path to conquest and that means climbing the corporate ladder starting wherever he can, even if that is serving take-away at a knock off version of McDonald's. First posted May 2016.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Series Review

Can an overused plot line from manga about a girl who was obsessed with an otome game getting reincarnated inside of it as the villainess really be entertaining to watch? My Next Life as a Villainess most definitely makes a case that it isn't so much what your story is about as how much chemistry your characters have. Read the full review.

Fruits Basket: The Final Episode 1 Impressions

Having an early release of just one episode is actually kind of mean. I really wanted more Fruits Basket but I knew that this was just a one off and I was going to have to wait for April for more and yet when it popped up on AnimeLab I couldn't help but press play. So, how does the final season begin?

Watch or Drop? Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

While I found some of the written elements of the first light novel in this series somewhat less than impressive, I overall enjoyed the basic idea and as the novels went on became more and more caught up in the story of the spider and all the other reincarnations. I was pretty excited to see this one turned into anime so how are the first three episodes?

Watch or Drop? Vlad Love

Well, given I'm breaking my own rules here and making a decision after one episode, it is probably pretty obvious what my thoughts on Vlad Love are. If you want to know why I didn't continue be sure to read the full post.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Series Review

I went into season 2 of Fruits Basket being warned not to set my expectations too high. That was probably a good thing but to be honest there's a lot to love in this follow up season that the original anime series never got.

Watch or Drop? Horimiya Anime

With the Winter 2021 Anime Season passing the half-way mark I decided it was time to start checking out what was on offer and planning which shows I was going to watch and review at the end of the season. While it isn't the best way to select anime, I decided to go with the 3 episode test before determining whether an anime was being added to my watch list or dropped for good. This method isn't being used for sequels given I'm largely just deciding whether I'll watch them based on whether I liked the previous series (so Attack on Titan: Final Season is going to be reviewed but I won't be doing a taste test). Today I'm giving my first impressions of Horimiya.