Flip Flappers Series Review


Overview: Cocona is an ordinary kind of girl not looking for adventure when Papika (a definitely not normal girl) rushes into her life and literally drags her into various adventures. I reviewed this week to week so if you are interested in my thoughts on individual episodes click here. However, it's now been two years … Continue reading Flip Flappers Series Review

Flip Flappers Episode 13


Flip Flappers Episode 13 Review: This episode of Flip Flappers gave me a sinking feeling fairly close to the start. While part of me just kept hoping that Flip Flappers would actually do something noteworthy other than the visual spectacle the final episode overly relied on the power of love and friendship (without offering anything … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 13

Flip Flappers Episode 12


Flip Flappers Episode 12 Review: For most of this series I've found Flip Flappers to be a confused mess of imagery and ideas and there was always some kind of hope that coherence would be found. Episode 11 attempted an info dump to try to somehow make sense of the senseless and it did, kind … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 12

Flip Flappers Episode 11


Flip Flappers Episode 11 Review: Any hope I had of Flip Flappers coming to something resembling a satisfactory resolution was dashed to little pieces (or rather exploded in a flowery mess) after watching this episode. While as visually tantalizing as ever, Flip Flappers essentially info dumped the whole plot up to now into one episode … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 11

Flip Flappers Episode 10


Flip Flappers Episode 10 Review: Not sure if this episode of Flip Flappers clarified or if it just made things more confusing. We kind of vaguely know who Mimi was, though we still don't know why she could go to Pure Illusion, or why she was being experimented on, or why she needs a partner … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 10

Flip Flappers Episode 9


Flip Flappers Episode 9 Review: Was it just me, or did we feel closer to getting a reveal in Flip Flappers this week? Not that we actually had a reveal that makes anything make sense but we finally saw some back story about why Yayaka is so hung up on Cocona and the fact that … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 9

Flip Flappers Episode 8


Review: Flip Flappers this week takes us to a futuristic city full of lights, giant birds, robot battles and a very short man who apparently created the city.Visually it is stunning as usual but from a story point of view all we see is Yayaka moving further away from her core purpose because of her … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 8

Constructing Characters Through Visuals in Anime


Anime is a visual medium. In this post I compare how two anime are constructing characters through visuals throughout their early episodes.

Flip Flappers Episode 7


Review: Flip Flappers this week seemed mostly pointless to the plot but fairly important for the characters covering Cocona's inner conflict about what she was doing and the consequences of last week. That said, there's very little that is new here. This is Cocona reverting to the cautious person she was pre-Papika and being frozen … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 7

Flip Flappers Episode 6


Review: Flip Flappers this week just made me wonder all over again if all the symbolism and visual metaphors are actually going anywhere or are we just getting a splattering of ideas that may or may not ultimately mesh. If you wanted, you could probably spend the better part of a week deconstructing every image … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 6