This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 3 – Lessons to Takeaway

This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3

There's so much to learn from anime. Let's look at episode 3 and see what these characters can teach us.


What Happens When Individuals Become a Team?

Tsurune Episode Reviews

I guess Tsurune really does want us to wonder how this group of individuals will come together as a team. Anime really has a fascination with team culture, though I guess that really is a direct result of the Japanese culture behind most anime. However, as Onogi points out, generally speaking Archery is a solo effort.

Tsurune Episode 3: It Isn’t Easy to Overcome Trauma

Tsurune Episode Reviews

We knew from the end of episode 2 that Minato was going to return to the archery club, and as expected things aren't exactly easy. He still can't shoot the way he wants, one friend keeps looking at him like he's worried he's about to bolt at any moment, another at first makes the casual assumption he's over his whole trauma thing just like that...

Tsurune Episode 2: Finding Your Target

Tsurune Episode Reviews

There's a couple of things Tsurune has gotten very right that makes this anime a fairly solid show and one I want to follow right from the beginning. Comparing to the other sports anime I'm watching at the moment, Run With The Wind, I feel I've clicked a bit more with this one...

School Babysitters Episodes 1 + 2: Boys in a Babysitting Club

Overview: Ryuichi and Kotaro have lost their parents leaving Ryuichi to take care of his younger brother. The two of them are taken in by the chairwoman of a school with the understanding that Ryuichi will work in the babysitter club outside of school hours and help take care of the teacher's children. Review Episode … Continue reading School Babysitters Episodes 1 + 2: Boys in a Babysitting Club

Laid-Back Camp Episode 1: Cute Girls Do Camping

Overview: Girl goes camping and finds another girl sleeping outdoors. End up sharing camp site before older sister collects outdoor sleeping girl. Then outdoor sleeping girl transfer to other girl's school. Review: This is another perfectly fine set up episode if you happen to like what it is setting up. If cute school girls who … Continue reading Laid-Back Camp Episode 1: Cute Girls Do Camping