Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 10: They Threw Him Off the Matterhorn?



You know sometimes when you are watching something and there’s this one line or moment that just sticks with you afterwards, even though it is really inconsequential? Well, I had that moment while watching this episode of Vatican Miracle Examiner. In an effort to prove that Hiraga doesn’t really get people or jokes or anything else outside of the church, he gullibly believes the investigator when he tells him another character was taken up the Matterhorn, frozen, and then thrown off resulting in him crashing through the roof of a barn.

There’s actually nothing wrong with this scene and it is quite amusing, except that the fact that Hiraga doesn’t get these sorts of things was told to us by him early in the episode, and then emphasised when he didn’t get what Roberto was implying about the relationships from 30 something years ago, and then they hit the audience in the head with it in this scene. If this is such an important character point, possibly it should have come up in the 9 previous episodes rather than having the writers just get a hammer out and keep pounding the point home in the space of twenty minutes.


Anyway, onto the mystery.

Hiraga has apparently figured out the whole rainbow light mystery in the church, though only part of that has been explained to the audience, but the priests all but don’t care as they are fully into the murder investigation. Which has now turned into some sort of economic terrorism case involving forged American money and a boy who lived underground and lived on bugs. This show really does love to overcomplicate everything.


Still, it isn’t like I’m walking away mid-mystery so I guess we’ll all just wait and see what happens next week.

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Karandi James.