Friday’s Feature: The Power of Clichés, Archetypes, and Being Predictable

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord - Episode 1 - Diablo

We all know about anime clichés, archetypes and tropes and we've all kind of come to accept that there are certain characters and events that we're going to run into again and again. However, for some people, the existence of clichés and archetype characters who don't break the mould are enough for them to scorn … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: The Power of Clichés, Archetypes, and Being Predictable

Deep Blue Sea Movie Review

Overview (Spoilers): Medical research into a treatment for Alzheimer's is underway in a science station out in the middle of the ocean. Of course, the scientists have genetically modified sharks to increase the size of their brains in order to harvest enough material of a particular protein to succeed. As one of the characters puts … Continue reading Deep Blue Sea Movie Review

Fuuka Episodes 1 + 2

Overview: Yuu has just moved to Tokyo when he has a chance encounter with Fuuka Akitsuki (who just happens to be in the class he transfers into). She loves music but doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. Review: I'm just reviewing episodes 1 and 2 together here but so far this … Continue reading Fuuka Episodes 1 + 2

Tuesday’s Top 5: Annoying Anime Tropes

Tuesday's Top 5

While we all know that there are some clichés in anime that just won't go away (girl running to school with toast in mouth, guy falling on girl and hand accidentally landing...) we all have to admit there are some tropes that we just wish would disappear. This is my list of the 5 common … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Annoying Anime Tropes

The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

My very first movie review (yes, even I take a break from anime occasionally). Overview: Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Then things go strange. And really, that's all you can say about this without giving anything away. The review below is completely full of major plot points so please feel … Continue reading The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

Flip Flappers Episode 4

Review: They really are pushing the Alice in Wonderland theme at times and the inclusion of a tea drinking scene and the design of Papika's 'house' just kind of reinforced that this episode. Of course, they are also pushing all and any symbolism to do with illusion and the idea of two things being one. … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 4

Hitorinoshita Episode 10

Review: Just when you think this show might level itself and get on with a story not riddled with idiocy and clichés out comes the 'you know nothing', followed by 'it's probably time to tell you', immediately followed by 'we don't know'. It's so frustrating. And then we listen to people alluding to the fact … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 10

Amagi Brilliant Park Series Review

Overview: Kanie Seiya, an extremely narcissistic human being, is asked on a date by Sento Isuzu to an amusement park. At gun point. Turns out Amagi Brilliant Park has a secret and Kanie Seiya is the only hope the inhabitants have. Review: Right from the start it is obvious that this anime is more interested … Continue reading Amagi Brilliant Park Series Review

Taboo Tattoo Episode 5

Review: So this show kind of sucks but I haven't dropped it. This week, in addition to an overly extended fight sequence that relies more on spectacle than actual combat, we get some fairly off-putting remarks directed as Izzy before Princess whats-her-name shows up and kisses Seigi, Schrödinger, and then drops a few major plot … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 5