Sailor Moon S Series Review

She's defended the world, saved the future, and is ready to just get on with her life, but there are certainly new dangers afoot that will ensure things are not peaceful for long. Season 1 review: here. Season 2 review: here. Review (Spoiler Warning): Things are going to get tricky here because seasons 1 and … Continue reading Sailor Moon S Series Review


Sailor Moon R Series Review

Our favourite pig-tailed transforming heroine returns in season 2 of the classic Sailor Moon anime and this time we have aliens, time travel, and once again the potential end of the world. If you missed my review of season 1 it can be found here. Review (Spoiler Warning): There are fewer things more satisfying than … Continue reading Sailor Moon R Series Review

Sailor Moon Season 1 Series Review

How has it taken me this long to review Sailor Moon? Well I guess I did already review Crystal, but it is time to take on the original anime series and the one that won over my heart as a child (and more than likely planted the seed for me becoming the anime fan I … Continue reading Sailor Moon Season 1 Series Review