In Case You Missed It 2019 #13

This week's round up of anime related blog posts.

Cheer Boys Series Review

Overview: Kazu wants to start an all male cheer-leading team with his friend Haru. They work together to first recruit and then train a team. Review: There's not a lot to say about this show. It's kind of by the numbers get a group together to reach certain goals and along the way deal with … Continue reading Cheer Boys Series Review

Cheer Boys Episode 12

Review: While I liked that the focus of the episode was on self-reflection and the journey travelled rather than winning a national tournament after less than a year as a team, the note book gimmick fell kind of flat. It just felt like if they actually tried this someone would have grabbed the book and … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 12

Cheer Boys Episode 11

Review: Let's put cheering on hold and deal with all those pesky relationship issues that continue to remain unresolved. That seemed to be the theme this week and while everything here felt a little bit contrived it also felt like they were wrapping up loose ends nicely before the competition. I do feel that the … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 11

Cheer Boys Episode 10

Review: I think they made some smart decisions this week with the focus on the characters prior to and after their qualifying performance and leaving out lengthy scenes of various teams performing. We've seen enough cheerleading throughout this show to know what is happening and this way the story kept up its pace and didn't … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 10

Cheer Boys Episode 9

Review: Kazu's grandmother doesn't remember him. I don't know whether the lead up to this episode was good or bad. It's been clear for awhile that Kazu's grandmother is not going well and that Kazu is hiding that from Haru. So it wasn't a revelation of any sort. That said, at least it didn't come … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 9

Cheer Boys Episode 8

Review: This episode brings the in-team tension to a head, has Hisashi try to quit, and then has a touching resolution before we go to a New Year's training camp for a training and cooking montage. It's fun to watch and we finish on a nice positive, but I can't help but wonder why the … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 8

Friday’s Feature – Recap Episodes (Or Why I Came Close to Dropping 91 Days)

If you've been following my reviews this season, you will know that I have now had not one, but two recap episodes thrown at me. The first came from Cheer Boys (episode 5.5) and the second came from 91 Days (episode 7.5). In both reviews I made it pretty clear that I don't like recap … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – Recap Episodes (Or Why I Came Close to Dropping 91 Days)

Cheer Boys Episode 7

Note: Sorry about the late replies to comments. I did not realise I was going to be without internet over the last few days. Hopefully everything is back on track now. Review: Well this episode is certainly an excellent case study on what happens when a team lacks a shared vision. It's kind of hard … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 7

Cheer Boys Episode 6

Review: So we now have a full team and a shiny new goal (though personally I think a national competition only a few months after assembling a team is probably overly ambitious). We also finally confronted Sho's predictable trauma but by the end of the episode he's ready to move forward. I kind of get … Continue reading Cheer Boys Episode 6