Castlevania Season 2 Series Review: Oh Look, We Got The End Of The Season

Castlevania Season 2 Promotional Image

Now, that isn't to say Castlevania is bad. Because, it actually is quite a fun little romp of a story provided the copious blood and guts being splashed around aren't a problem and the clear sequel bait endings for the surviving cast members doesn't annoy. If this had come out in a solid chunk and I'd binged the 12 episodes altogether, I'd have had an absolute blast...

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vampires

Tuesday's Top 5

I am revising my top 5 anime vampires, firstly because I love vampires and secondly because the list deserves a revamp given the second season of Castlevania. I love vampires and anime vampires are always super fun. Whether they are crazy, evil, pensive, violent or anything else vampiric characters definitely get my attention. As always, … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vampires

Castlevania Series Review: Nice Introduction


Overview: Based on the games, this is a four episode anime available on Netflix. After Dracula's human wife is burned as a witch he curses the country. Trevor Belmont, a hunter from an out of favour family is just trying to get by but finds himself dragged in to the fight. Review: I'm going to … Continue reading Castlevania Series Review: Nice Introduction